Why Should Investors Consider A Fund Of Funds?

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As opposed to directly investing in hedge funds or private equity or daily liquid alts?

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Ray Note: Why Should Investors Consider A Fund Of Funds Structure?


There's often questions that we get around. You know why funding funds. Are there better ways to access the marketplace. And you know we think that the you know funding fund manager when it when constructed properly gives investors a better way to shift their asset allocation around in in a in a quicker fashion than they could otherwise do on their own. We're constantly in the marketplace evaluating the various style and strategy groups work marrying that up with what we're seeing happening in the markets whether their equity strategies fixed income strategies credit strategies currency strategies there's going to be different time and place for each of them and I think certainly in our position we're probably better equipped than most investors to be making that decision process. The other thing because of the size and scale that we have we have the ability to create a better diversified portfolio so eliminate single manager event risk that would exist if a client was only investing in two or three funds will typically allocate to significantly more than that. And then the other thing is fees you know you're a lot about fees in the hedge funds space because of our size Skye's size and scope we're able to negotiate down fees quite aggressively and we pass 100 percent of that fee savings on to our investor base. So if you think about a typical hedge fund charges to entwining you know probably on a weighted average basis we're paying about one and a quarter and 12 and a half. So pretty significant discounts and savings that we bring to investors all investments are subject to risk including the possible loss of the money you invest.

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