PUBG On Xbox One Not As Smooth As The PC Version

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Microsoft Xbox One got its biggest title launch for 2017 when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly called PUBG, exclusively arrived on the console recently. However, the title does not run as smooth on the console as it was hoped.

PUBG Xbox One version not at par with PC version

PUBG was released on the PC in March, and since then, the title has sold about 25 million copies, making it one of the most successful titles of all time. Back in March, the title was only available for early access, while the complete product (first v1.0 release version) would hit the PCs next week. The new version would include a desert map. Even though the release timing of both the PUBG Xbox One version and PC version is close, the former is way behind the latter on several aspects such as the single map, graphic limitations and technical issues.

A detailed breakdown of the game on the Xbox One and Xbox One X was done by Digital Foundry, suggesting that a lot has to be polished in the game before it can come close to the PC version of the game.

The PUBG Xbox One version runs pretty well until the character creation part. But as the player moves to the first in game lobby, low-resolution textures, improper streaming and resolution as low as 20fps kicks in (depending on whether the game is played on Xbox One or the Xbox One X which supports the 4K videos).

“You’re instantly besieged by low resolution textures that seem to be failing to stream in properly, combined with performance just above or below the 20fps threshold,” Digital Foundry states.

Further, Digital Foundry noted that a player can have a smooth ride in a jeep across the landscape, but on entering the room and doing some activities such as opening the toilet door to shoot the hiding enemy, the fps falls drastically for no reason.

PUBG on Xbox One X better visually

In terms of controls, however, the Xbox One version is better. Whether it is reloading a weapon or riding a bike, everything is neatly done for Xbox One, notes Gadgets360. Though PUBG on the PC can be played with an Xbox One gamepad, it is not as smooth as on the Xbox One.

Talking about the gaming experience on the Xbox One X and the base console, the former surely looks better visually with increased resolution and improvement in the texture details. The visuals are almost similar to that of the PC version at the high settings, while on the Xbox One S, visuals resemble the gameplay on PC at medium settings. Actually, lower graphics could be better for shooting as there will be fewer distractions in the form of plants and visuals. However, when it comes to performance, it is almost at par with the base console, notes GameSpot.

Overall, the root problem for the inconsistent performance of PUBG Xbox One version is that the game was designed with PCs in mind. Instead of adapting the game for the console, developers only created a straight port with a few changes. Nevertheless, since the game is in early access, there would be continued improvements and updates in the upcoming future.

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