Protect Your Privacy On Facebook And Google With Privacyfix

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Advertisers and other companies can track your online activities for their own good. You would be surprised to know how much advertisers can earn by tracking your online activities. Privacyfix is a Chrome and Firefox extension that will display information about your privacy settings and then you can make changes so that advertisers cannot track what you do on the web. It also checks that the social networks that you are connected with, do not pass your personal information to companies. Let’s take a closer look at how this extension works.

After installing Privacyfix, this extension scans your logged-in Facebook, Google and other accounts and then displays suggestions on which settings that you’ve made are good and which settings need to be changed. It will show you websites that you have visited that are tracking your activity and then suggestions will also be displayed to solve those issues.

Protect Your Privacy On Facebook And Google With Privacyfix

You can change settings with the click of a button. Click on “Fix” to know how you can fix this issue. You can easily change tracking by Facebook, Google and other websites with this extension.

For websites other then Google and Facebook, this extension informs which companies are tracking you in your browser. Once you know about it, then you can block all future tracking by over 1,000 tracking companies. The extension can send the Do Not Track signal with all web requests.

If you want to protect your privacy and want to prevent your personal information from being sold to advertisers, then PrivacyFix is an easy solution for you.

Privacyfix is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox. Get it from below link.

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