Prisma Over Capacity Error To Be Fixed Soon

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Prisma is no Pokemon Go, but this little photo editing app has played its part this year by reeling in millions of users, first on iOS and then on Android. However, with this success, some serious complications have developed, which, if not put right soon, could result in the app losing its almost god-like status!

Prisma is over capacity

If you have used the app over the last week, there is a good chance that you will have come across the message “Prisma is Over capacity.” Usually, this pops up after you have been waiting 30-45 seconds for the app to upload your image and apply the filter you’ve chosen, and it basically means, “Sorry we have not invested in Prisma’s resources, and you can’t do that at the moment.”

Why is this happening? It’s because around a week ago, Prisma officially launched on Android and as was expected by commentators and everyone else other than its actual developers, the app is a massive hit! However, due to this success and what seems like a lack of investment in infrastructure, the app’s servers simply cannot cope with the demand.

Is this going to be fixed? The good people over at Phandroid recently reached out to the developers of Prisma for a comment and some clarification on the matter, and the following is the answer they received:

Phandroid: Many users are complaining about the slow processing time and timeout errors. When does Prisma hope to resolve these issues?
Prisma: In a couple of days.

Phandroid: We’re received a lot of comments from users wondering why the processing cannot be done on their phones. Can you elaborate a little on how the images are processed and why you opted for server-side processing rather than on-device processing?
Prisma: You need lots of GPU power, smartphones aren’t capable of that yet.

Phandroid: Are there any plans to add basic photo editing features into Prisma?
Prisma: Neither yes nor no.

Phandroid: Are there plans to allow full images (not 1:1 crop) in Prisma?
Prisma: Yes, in the future.

A fix

While there is no specific date given by the Prisma representative in the above message, Prisma users should be happy to hear that the developer is looking into the “over capacity issue” and has plans to resolve it within the next few days. For me, without this fix, I doubt I would ever consider using the app again, so it is good news. As for when Prisma will allow users to use full images rather than being forced to crop them, there sadly has been no revelation on this annoying limitation; however, I am sure this will be put right shortly.

Rumors about what the future holds for the Prisma app are doing the rounds, which suggests that quite a few updates are coming our way. One such update could provide the option to create a video, but nothing is official yet. However, if you’re impatient like me, here’s a tutorial on how you can create a video with Prisma now!

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