Updated Poll: President Obama Vs. Governor Christie

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ValueWalk shies away as much as possible from getting into politics. However there is increasing speculation that Chris Christie will run for president. No polling has been done on this since January (on national basis). Even though this will be very unscientific I want to be the first person to report some polling numbers. Please take the poll below. I will close the poll when I get a decent amount of responses (exact number to be determined).


In a match between Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and current president Barrack Obama who would you vote for?

[poll id=”29″]


Chris Christie is leading with 70% of the vote, Barack Obama has 23% of the vote, 4% are undecided and 3% answered neither. I tried to get people to participate from across the political spectrum but I doubt this poll is scientic, since Obama would get at least 35% of the vote even in a Christie landslide and it is unheard of for someone to be polling 70% nationwide. I will update results as I get more votes.


This poll could indicate however, that that higher income and higher educated votes overwhlemingly overall support Christie. 58% of site visitors make over $100k a year. Many hits are from the big banks, RIAs, and hedge funds. Additionally 37% of ValueWalk visitors have a master’s degree, which is disproportionate relative to the rest of the American population.

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