Polish Military Experts To Help Find Nazi Gold Train

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Reconstruction of historical records makes it clear that tons of gold hoarded by the Germans literally disappeared in the last few months of the Second World War. While some of the missing gold has eventually been accounted for as spirited off to Switzerland and South America, looted by the Russians or simply taken by those in charge of it as they fled advancing armies in the waning days of the Third Reich in the spring of 1945, much remains unaccounted for.

That is why treasure hunters have been scouring Central Europe since the 1950s trying to find a Nazi gold train. Many have been reported, but none have been found…yet. However, a new report surfaced last week of a Nazi gold train, this time in Poland.

Last week, Polish Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski claimed that an underground geo-radar image of the over 100-meter-long train he saw made the Nazi train discovery “more than 99 percent certain.” Other Polish government officials have since backed off on the claim, but the Polish authorities have dispatched a team of military explosive experts to lead the excavation of the supposed Nazi gold train.

Details on involvement of Polish military in Nazi gold train hunt

The decision to send in the military to help find the Nazi train was announced via Twitter. Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak agreed to allow military personnel to participate in “reconnaissance” work in the area, according to spokesman Jacek Sonta on his Twitter account on Tuesday. Of note, the excavation will begin in the near future, and the ministry is acting on a request from regional authorities in south-west Poland.

However, additional army involvement beyond the initial probe into the WW II train depends on whether the soldiers “confirm what we’ve been hearing in the media,” Sonta told TVP Info on Tuesday.

Polish regional officials commented on Monday that speculation about the discovery was overblown, noting that the new documents about the location of the lost Nazi gold train were not any stronger than similar claims made in the past. Residents of the area have heard a variety of stories about a large Nazi train loaded with valuable items disappearing into the mountains after leaving the city of Wroclaw when German forces were retreating from the Soviet Army.

The government of Poland has requested that the general public stop searching the area, as the train is quite likely to be booby trapped with explosives or dangerous gases could have accumulated. Experts say at least some of the explosives could still be viable even after seven decades underground.

The current Nazi treasure frenzy began a little over a week ago when two still unidentified men approached local officials in Walbrzych in southwest Poland, claiming they had found a World War II Nazi train they believed was carrying military equipment, valuables and “precious metals.” The details come from a letter the men sent to the Walbyzrch officials through their lawyers.

The two men initially refused to reveal the location until they were promised a 10% finders fee as per Polish law, but they have apparently provided the location to the Polish authorities at this point.

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