Disclosed: Pokemon Go iOS 10 Cheat That Works Without Jailbreak

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Pokemon Go has already been around for a few months. There are still some players who are trying to eventually win the augmented reality-based game, but they are struggling at times. Fortunately for iOS users, there is a cheat that willing players could definitely try, according to a report from itechpost. The most convenient thing about this hack is that players can use it without a jailbreak.

Pokemon Go cheat for iOS 10

In its most basic sense, Pokemon Go requires players to walk or run around in the real world to catch Pokemon and hatch them. But a smart hack allows iOS users to make it look like they are working on Pokemon Go’s maps when they are actually not doing that. For users who could not find the energy and time to actually walk or run around to catch virtual creatures, this will be extremely useful, says itechpost.

In a video, YouTube user iCrackUriDevice explains that this Pokemon Go hack is working with the latest update to the game. The hack does not require that the iOS device be jailbroken. Additionally, the user attached the website download link of the real cracked Pokemon Go app that he featured in the video.

However, this comes with fair warning, as cheating in any game is not considered a good thing. Developer Niantic could ultimately catch any cheater and ban or suspend those who are caught cheating. It is recommended that players who are determined to cheat use an alternate account so that their main account does not face any risks.

PvP battles and Pokemon trading coming

Just a few days ago there were reports that 100 brand new Pokemon will soon be released. The game developer, however, has even more exciting features planned for the December update, according to a new report. The second-generation Pokemon are coming in December along with other exciting features, including baby Pokemon, Pokemon trading, and a PvP battle system, according to GamenGuide.

Even earlier, there were reports about features like Pokemon trading and PvP battle support, so it is not like the gaming giant will surprise many fans. The baby Pokemon feature might allow players to grow baby Pokemon into adult Pokemon, and this feature could replace egg hatching. Also the report notes that the developer might unveil a Legendary Pokemon tier in this December update.

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