Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release: How To Prepare For It

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Niantic is expected to roll out Pokemon Go Gen 2 in the next couple of months, and many are expecting several new rare Pokemon for the popular augmented reality game to accompany the roll-out, notes Morning News USA.

Save candies for Pokemon Go Gen 2

For Pokemon Go Gen 2, a lot of pocket monsters are expected, led by Porygon.. The Pokemon Go Informer reported that the other 11 speculated Pokemon coming in Gen 2 include Hitmontop, Tyrogue, Espeon, Blissey, Politoed, Crobat, Kingdra, Scizor, Umbreon, Steelix, Bellosom, and Slowking.

The evolution of the Pokemon comes to mind with the large launch of the Pokemon Go Gen 2 personalities. Candies will be needed to do that, but they may be difficult to come by. Do a lot of walking is an easy way to collect candies, and this has been the intent of the game.

The prime requirement for the evolutions possible in Gen 2 will be Pokemon Go candy. The gaming giant has offered the best way to do that. The Buddy System, which is now featured through getting candy, brings players the same issue: walk to earn. But according to Neurogadget, since it returns meager amounts of candy for every kilometer walked, it is a feature that hardly gets players to jump up.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 could come as soon as March, but the gaming developer has not confirmed when it will deploy the next version. Right now, the directive for most augmented reality gamers is to use candies wisely and evolve only sensible creatures.

Player from Rotorua reaches level 40

In other Pokemon Go news, Eruera Samuels from Rotorua, New Zealand is reported to be the second person worldwide to reach level 40 in the popular mobile game. Samuels spends almost eight hours each day on the street playing Pokemon Go, notes nzherald.

Though players do not receive anything special on the app for reaching level 40, it is “just a good accomplishment,” says Samuels. He reached the highest level by sitting in a spot on Tutanekai St. near the post office for about five hours daily. This spot had four lures that attracted Pokemon and had all kinds of different kinds, said Samuels. The player said that he liked playing the mobile game because it helped him meet new people.

Samuels says that even though he has reached the highest level, he will continue to play the game and likely complete the badges and catch rare Pokemon.

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