Pokemon Go: A Simple Way To Gain 100,000 XP With Lucky Eggs

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While beginner Pokemon Go players focus on catching as many Pokemon as possible, the more experienced ones use a variety of tips and tricks to reach higher levels. It helps them capture stronger Pokemon. One way to level up faster and enjoy the privileges is to boost your Experience Points (XPs). There are many items that can help you gain more XPs, and one of them is Lucky Eggs.

You’ll get a free Lucky Egg when you reach levels 9. If you want, you can also purchase them in the Shop using PokeCoins. Lucky Eggs can earn you twice the XP amount of all actions you execute for 30 minutes. You can also maximize its effects by using it with Incense and Lure Modules. Using a Lucky Egg to evolve a Pokemon will increase your XP by 1,000 for each Pokemon. Catching a Pokemon earns you 200 XP, which jumps to 1,200 XP if you choose to use a Lucky Egg.

Pokemon Go: Step-by-step guide to get 100,000 XP

A Reddit user and die-hard Pokemon Go player has revealed how you can get 100,000 or more XP by using just one Lucky Egg in evolutions. Here’s how to do it:

  • Put the Pokemon you want to evolve by labeling them as “Favorite” and sort them
  • Make sure that you have a strong WiFi and GPS connection during the process
  • Now lay down the Lucky Egg and evolve the first Pokemon in your sorted list
  • After evolving, you need to immediately “Force Quit” or “Force Close” the app
  • Re-open the app as quickly as you Force Quit
  • Now repeat the above steps over and over until you are done with the last Pokemon on your list

This trick reduces the time waiting for the creature’s evolution process. Many players in the Reddit thread reported that they were able to evolve 4-5 Pokemon under a minute using this trick. It’s also helpful if you are using a newer smartphone because the game will close and reload faster. Check out this video:


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