Pokemon Go++ 1.5.0 On iOS, No Jailbreak Required

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The fantastic piece of software that is Pokemon Go++ has been updated to 1.5.0 (hacked version) and now requires no jailbreak to work. In concert with this, Pokemon Go 1.5.0 is now available for iOS and brings with it some improvements and much-needed bug fixes, plus the rumored Pokemon Appraisal feature.

The latest Pokemon Go update

If you want to install and interact with the latest version of Pokemon Go, the developer Niantic Labs openly gives players access to the official experience. However, it will not allow any of the ancillary features that are part of the Pokemon Go++ experience to work.

What is Pokemon Go++?

Pokemon Go++ is basically a hacked version of the game that has some additional features which Niantic Labs did not think to include in the real thing.

Pokemon Go++ Hacked game Walk Anywhere Stay at Home
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For example, with the hacked version, there’s no need to go walking around the streets to catch Pokemon. Instead, all you have to do is tap the screen and navigate your character; this means you can move your character without having to move physically.

There are many more benefits to using Pokemon Go++, but it’s much more helpful and exciting to go through the installation guide to get the hack up and running. That way you can experience all of the added features and possibilities that the hack has to offer for yourself without it being ruined before you play the modified version of Pokemon Go.

Now before we pass on the download link so that you can gain access to the hacked version of the IPA file 1.5.0, it’s worth telling you that Pokemon Go is a game that requires server-side cooperation for it to work. This essentially means that most of the functionality and gameplay actually comes from Niantic Labs’ servers.

Beware the ban

Essentially, what you would be doing with Pokemon Go++ is cheating. This means that Niantic could detect that you are using a modified version of its software and ban your account. It has added what it calls safeguards into the games and onto its servers to actively look for such exploits/cheaters and as such, the use of this hack does put a player at a high risk of receiving a ban.

However, if this does happen to you, it does not mean that you cannot play the game. One solution would be to beg forgiveness, and another would be just to start from scratch with the loss of all your Pokemon and XP. So use this hack at your own peril.

To get yourself the latest version of Pokemon Go++, you can grab a copy of the IPA file from the link here. But if you want to know how to install it and get it up and running, head on over to our guide here.

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