PS4 Neo, PS4 Slim, PS VR All To Feature At PlayStation Meeting

PS4 Neo, PS4 Slim, PS VR All To Feature At PlayStation Meeting

It appears that the upcoming PlayStation Meeting will feature information on the PS4 Neo, PS4 Slim and PS VR.

The event is scheduled to take place on September 7, but the hardware has leaked before Sony can make an official announcement. According to a report in MCV, a full review of the hardware is already available thanks to a leak from a distribution center in the United Arab Emirates.

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PS4 Slim already leaked

The PS4 Slim is pretty much just a thinner version of the existing PS4, although it looks like it will ship with an updated version of the DualShock 4 controller. The new design adds a secondary light strip on the front of the touch pad, as well as a dip in the middle of the D-Pad.

It looks like a minor update and it may only interest those who do not already own a PS4. Seeing as the console has already been leaked, expect Sony to make an official announcement on an impending launch date.

The PS4 Slim is reportedly smaller, thinner and quieter than the standard model. The leak came from the UAE, where units were being held before the expected launch event.

Sony has been investing heavily in the Middle East as part of its strategy to grow its presence in emerging markets. Following the leak some units cropped up in the UK, where they were distributed among independent retailers and eBay sellers.

“You have to feel sorry for PlayStation, because it’s all descended into an absolute farce,” said one leading retail buyer cited by MCV.

“We didn’t even realise this was coming out until it was available to buy online,” said another cited in the same report. “We’ve seen early selling before, but nothing quite like this.”

Sony has refused to comment on the leak.

PS4 Neo remains more mysterious

Information on the PS4 Neo has proven more difficult to come by, but its existence has been confirmed since just before the E3 gaming conference last year. It is thought that Sony will reveal more details at the September 7 event.

So far we know that the PS4 Neo will be a more powerful version of the existing PS4, and it will support the same games. The new console is also expected to support 4K gaming.

The best way to think about the PS4 Neo is as an incremental upgrade, rather than a PlayStation 5. It can be compared to the move from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s.

With so many details still in the dark, it is thought that Sony will reveal the technical specifications of the PS4 Neo at the event. We may also get to see some graphical comparisons with the existing PS4 in order to show off the capabilities of the upcoming console.

Sony might even reveal the official name of the new console, replacing the PS4 Neo codename that people have been using up until now. Fans are also hoping to find out when the console will be released.

PlayStation VR release date already set

Sony has already announced that its PlayStation VR will be released in the United Kingdom on October 13. The virtual reality headset is designed for use with the PS4.

The release is an important one for Sony. As a result we can expect to see the device and its games receive a lot of attention over the course of the PlayStation Meeting.

As it stands Sony is looking to games like DRIVECLUB VR, Batman: Arkham VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Resident Evil 7 to drive sales of the PS VR after launch. As a result the company has an interest in hyping the titles as much as it can.

PlayStation Move controllers to get a new bundled release

The PlayStation Move controllers are motion controllers that are compatible with PlayStation VR. The controllers were first seen with the PlayStation 3, and are similar to the controllers seen on the Nintendo Wii.

Now they will be packaged for use with the PlayStation VR, a move which was revealed by Australian retailer EB Games. The retailer has a bundle with two PlayStation Move controllers on sale for $119.95 AUD.

The controllers will help you navigate through your virtual reality world. However you can also use your DualShock 4 controller with PlayStation VR if you prefer.

It is not yet known what Sony is planning for its game offerings. Some are hopeful that a new Crash Bandicoot game will be revealed, while other titles such as Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VII Remake would also get a rapturous reception.

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