PC Patch For Batman Arkham Knight Now Available

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The patch for the Batman Arkham Knight PC game is now available. The patch first appeared this week before it was taken down for a brief period, but it’s now back up. Gamers can download the patch on Steam. The list of patch updates include reduced frame-rate hitches, improved GPU performance, fixed low resolution texture bugs, VRAM and system memory optimizations and more.

What to expect from the next Batman: Arkham Knight PC game update

Yorick detailed future updates in blog post on the Steam Community which include SLI and Crossfire support, DLC & Season Pass support, improvements for Windows 10 computers with AMD GPUs, Photo Mode updates and more. They plan to monitor the system for additional issues to provide more fixes and optimizations along the way.

The PC patch is a nice start, but it’s not a complete fix. According to Warner Brothers Games, there is a bigger patch in the works. The game maker took down the PC game earlier this year because of serious technical issues. That said, the update will be a major improvement for those who have already purchased the game. At press time, there is no word on when we can expect WB to release a fresh version.

Batman’s Arkham Knight game presents more action adventure

The new game is sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins, it also the fourth title in the Arkham series. BAK is played from a third-person perspective. The game’s focus remains on Batman’s stealth skills, combat abilities and detective skills. Batman’s gadgets can also be used for fights or exploration. The game offers more gadgets and combat attacks in Batman’s arsenal to add even more action. BAK includes an open world structure so the player can complete special missions on the side separately from the game’s storyline.

Batman: Arkham Knight is also available on Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, neither of which was affected by the issues on the PC version.

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