Passenger Tries To Enter Cockpit On British Airways Flight

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In breaking news Tuesday, multiple media sources are reporting that a female passenger has been restrained on an incoming British Airways flight to Boston when she tried to enter the cockpit.

Law enforcement has identified the flight with the restrained passenger as British Airways Flight No. 213, which departed from London’s Heathrow airport at 6:57 a.m. ET. Massachusetts State Police troopers were waiting at the jet bridge to take the passenger into custody when the flight arrived.

UPDATE (2:07 ET):

A female passenger has been arrested by the MSP after BA Flight 213 landed at Logan Airport in Boston Tuesday afternoon

Local police had initially said via Twitter that the female passenger had attempted to enter the aircraft’s cockpit, but MSP spokesman David Procopio later wrote in an e-mail that has not been confirmed and he has no information on what her motivation may have been.

An airline spokesperson told an ABC television affiliate that the approximately 30 year old female passenger had tried to open an exit door on the aircraft, but the MSP later said that was inaccurate.

There was no sign of any ties to terrorism in her actions, Procopio noted in an e-mail later on Tuesday afternoon.

The FBI, however, is investigating the situation.

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