Paris Attacks Part Of ‘Piecemeal World War 3’: Pope Francis

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A ‘shaken’ Pope Francis condemned the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night. He said the inhuman attacks were an indication towards an impending World War 3. The distraught and emotional pope made the comments during a telephonic interview with TV2000, the official network of Italian Bishop’s Conference. Pope Francis condemned the bloodbath as “blasphemy” and “not human.”

Pope Francis prays for all of them

The Pope said he was moved and saddened. He was praying for the families of the victims. The massive attacks in Paris left at least 132 people dead and almost 400 seriously injured. “War is madness,” he lamented. Islamic State had claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks in Paris, calling it a “blessed battle.” The militant group warned the Paris attacks were just the beginning of the “storm” heading towards France.

In an audio statement released in multiple languages, ISIS said its “soldiers” had targeted the “capital of prostitution and obscenity.” French President Francois Hollande accused the Islamic militant group of waging an “act of war.” On Monday, French forces intensified attacks on the IS headquarters in Raqqa. Meanwhile, French police conducted 168 raids in and around Paris, arrested 23, seized arms including rocket launchers, and put at least 104 suspects under house arrest.

World War 3 will be fought piecemeal

During his Sunday morning address, Pope Francis said the attacks have “shocked not only France but the whole world.” In the past, he had voiced similar concerns, describing the current era of terrorist attacks and international conflicts as World War 3. In a new video, ISIS has threatened to carry out massive attacks in Washington DC.

When asked whether the Paris attacks were “piecemeal of World War 3” the Pope had mentioned in the past, Pope Francis said it was a “piece” of it. He said last year that World War 3 will be fought piecemeal with massacres, crimes, and destruction. The Pope had even suggested that Russia’s annexation of Crimea was part of the next World War.

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