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Oracle Corporation (ORCL) Launches Big Data SQL

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When you’re looking to mine huge databases there is a fundamental difference between structured and unstructured data that forces many companies to run relational databases (SQL) alongside broader alternatives like Hadoop, creating disconnected data silos. Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL)’s newest product Big Data SQL aims to bring these different approaches under one umbrella that established SQL developers can start using right away.

“Big Data SQL takes advantages of the SQL knowledge already possessed by many developers, especially relational database application developers. By leveraging existing database development expertise and even existing code, Big Data SQL is expected by Oracle to make accessing and analyzing data more efficient,” writes Bernstein analyst Mark Moerdler. “It extends the security features provided by Oracle Database to data stored at Hadoop and NoSQL database which will make the transition to NoSQL and Hadoop easier for large enterprises accustomed to the Oracle security model.”

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Big Data SQL only available on Oracle’s latest database platform

Big Data SQL is meant defend Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL)’s market share from cloud and other alternative database products by giving corporations a comfortable solution to handling different types of data, and Moerdler is bullish on its prospects, but considering Hadoop and NoSQL are only 3% of the global database market, that can only be part of the story.

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Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Database 12c, which was released last year, hasn’t been a hit as many corporations are content to stick with 11g or even older versions. But Big Data SQL is only compatible with 12c, so Oracle is probably hoping that it will be popular enough to drive revenue from Database 12c licenses. The danger, of course, is that switching to 12c could be enough of a hurdle that companies don’t even give Big Data SQL a chance.

Big Data exposure with Oracle and Microsoft

Moerdler rates Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) as Outperform, giving it a $49 price target (currently $41) based on a 12-month adjusted EPS estimate of $3.58, a 13x PE multiple, and adding back in net cash per share discounted by 30%.

He also argues that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is a good Big Data play, rating it Outperform and giving it a $56 price target (currently $43.50), because he believes management is heavily focused on mobile and cloud products and that EPS growth is going to pick up as the company moves its focus away from the slowing PC market.

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