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Why OnePlus 5 And iPhone 8 Are Bad News For Galaxy S8

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is already in the stores, yet the flagship smartphone is facing an assault from all sides in the next generation of mobile releases. Both the OnePlus 5 and iPhone 8 are likely to exceed the capabilities of the Galaxy S8, marginalizing the Samsung smartphone competitor. And a benchmark published on the popular Geekbench site suggest that a forthcoming Motorola device will also exceed the Galaxy S8. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 2 is also on the horizon.

iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy S8 vs. OnePlus 5 specs comparison

Statistics relating to this Motorola offering suggest that the device will outperform the Galaxy S8. Geekbench data indicates that the handset in question earned a score of 1,879 on the single-core Geekbench tests and a score of 6,503 on the multi-core tests. This compares favorably with the Galaxy S8 version available in the Western marketplace, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon series, which only achieved a score of 1,304 in the single-core test and 4,059 on the multi-core quotient.

And both the forthcoming OnePlus 5 and iPhone 8 will also challenge the Galaxy S8, compromising its position in the smartphone needs. Many of the specs for the OnePlus 5 have now been established, with good estimations available for the iPhone range as well. And it must be borne in mind that the OnePlus device will be significantly more affordable than either the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8.


The OnePlus 5 will likely deliver a 5.5-inch display with 2,560 x 1,440-pixel QHD resolution. This is marginally smaller than the Galaxy S8 screen, but nonetheless compares pretty favorably in terms of pixels per inch rating. This must be of concern to Samsung considering the much smaller price tag for the OnePlus 5.

Meanwhile, indications are that Apple will switch to OLED technology in 2017, delivering an iPhone 8 designed with a wraparound screen and slimmed down bezels. This could have a massive impact on the iPhone 8 generation, with the smartphone from Apple attracting new consumers with its interesting new design.

Apple is also expected to increase the display size of the iPhone 8, meaning that it will match the Galaxy S8. If the iPhone 8 is also a quad HD smartphone, it will definitely diminish some of the advantage that Samsung has traditionally enjoyed in this department.


It has been confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will feature dual-rear cameras, while an eight-megapixel front camera has also been linked with this smartphone. This means that the affordable handset will deliver pretty outstanding photographic capabilities, which should exceed those of the Galaxy S8.

The 12-megapixel camera included in the Galaxy S8 was certainly decent, with the optical image stabilization function particularly praised. But the dual-lens in the OnePlus 5 could render the photographic ability of the Galaxy S8 rather limited by comparison.

It is early for the camera system in the iPhone 8 to be anything like confirmed, but it is strongly believed that Apple will include a dual-sensor. This would leave the snapper in the Galaxy S8 rather lagging behind both the OnePlus 5 and iPhone 8.


A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor has already been confirmed for the OnePlus 5 release, exactly the same processor that is already utilized the Galaxy S8 series. The chip used in the Galaxy S8 was an octa-core processor, with one bundle of 2.35GHz Kryo cores and four 1.9GHz cores being used for background tasks that are less processor-intensive.

While the Galaxy S8 will compete perfectly well with the OnePlus 5 in this department, the fact that the latter will be significantly more affordable will be a massive advantage for Samsung. Furthermore, the A11 chip to be included in the iPhone 8 is expected to be both significantly faster and more efficient with power than the existing generation. Manufactured on a 16-nanometer process it will deliver both better performance and improved battery life, making the iPhone 8 release an exciting one indeed.


The OnePlus 5 has been linked with a pretty stonking 8GB of RAM memory. At the very least, the smartphone is expected to include 6GB of memory, meaning that it will significantly outrank the Galaxy S8 in this department.

With Apple also increasing the RAM memory in the iPhone 8 to 4GB, this means that the once upon a time spec-heavy Galaxy S8 will be at least matched by two of its big rivals, with the potential for the OnePlus 5 to include double the memory of the Samsung handset.

This will certainly translate into performance improvements, and it makes one wonder why Samsung didn’t include the 6GB of memory that was frequently linked with the S8 as well as the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8.


The 3,600mAh battery that will be included in the OnePlus 5 is significantly larger than the 3,000 mAh cell that features in the Galaxy S8. With the iPhone 8 likely to close the gap on the Samsung competitor, with a 2,700 mAh battery and power-saving functionality being linked with the Apple smartphone, an area in which Samsung has held the edge appears to have dissolved completely.

Prices of iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5

Finally, the price of the OnePlus 5 is a massive plus point for the developer of this handset, starting at an incredibly competitive for $499. With the Galaxy S8 still retailing at between $700 and $800 on Amazon.com, this obviously means that the forthcoming handset will significantly undercut the Samsung flagship.

This is one area in which the iPhone 8 probably doesn’t particularly threaten the Galaxy S8, with reports suggesting that this significantly redesigned Apple handset will retail at over $1,000. Nonetheless, in a technology landscape in which things move fast, it is clear that the Galaxy S8 faces massive challenges from both the OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 8 in the coming months, while the Motorola Moto Z2 also looks like a nifty and powerful handset.

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