North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Injures Wrist [PHOTOS]

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In a stark reminder that he is a human, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un appears to have injured his right wrist. His late father Kim Jong Il, who died in 2011, had a song dedicated to him called Kim Jong Il is Immortal as Sun. But the current dictator’s injury may have reminded him that he may not be as “Immortal as Sun.”

Kim Jong Un visits weapons factory

Kim Jong Un appeared in a video on North Korean Central TV with a bandaged right wrist while visiting a weapons factory in Pyongyang. The footage shows Kim smiling and waving to the crowds. The injury doesn’t seem to be troubling him much, though. A South Korean government official told Sky News that the injury must be recent because he didn’t have that bandage when he visited a military unit on April 4th.

Notably, the Supreme Leader did not attend the Supreme People’s Assembly meeting on Thursday in Pyongyang. A South Korean official told Sky News that Kim was absent at the meeting probably because “there was nothing very interesting to rubber stamp.” Since he leads the world’s most secretive nation, Kim Jong Un’s health is closely watched around the world.

Schoolchildren in North Korea to learn interesting facts about the dictator

Last year when he disappeared from the public view for 40 days, dozens of theories surfaced about his disappearance including a broken ankle, obesity, and power tussle. Anyway, currently North Korea is busy portraying him as something like Superman. The government has sent a new teacher’s manual to North Korean schools that claims that Kim Jong Un is an extraordinary human being.

The guide, titled Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities, contains facts about the dictator that are hard to believe. Now the middle and high school students in North Korea will learn that Kim Jong Un was a masterful drive at age 3. At age 9, he raced the CEO of a foreign yacht company who was visiting North Korea at the time, reports the Telegraph. He could also paint and compose musical scores before he turned 10.

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