Nokia Phone Saves Man From Collapsing Wall

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The durability of Nokia phones has once again made the headlines following a dramatic incident in China’s Gansu province.

A 10-year-old Nokia handset previously saved the life of a man who fell from a mountain path in Taiwan, surviving a fall and maintaining its charge for 5 days as authorities searched for its owner. Now it appears that Nokia has saved another man’s life, this time by protecting him from falling debris, according to Shangahiist.

Wall collapses on top of pedestrians in Lanzhou

The dramatic events took place in Lanzhou on Sunday afternoon, when a 20-meter long wall suddenly collapsed on top of passersby. Two people were killed, and 7 others injured, following the collapse.

One of the deceased was killed instantly, while the other died later in a nearby hospital. The injured were taken in for treatment, and some are still in the hospital.

Nokia could be responsible for saving one man’s life after he instinctively lifted his phone above his head to protect himself from falling debris. The man walked away with only minor injuries thanks to the tough handset protecting his head.

It is thought that the exterior wall of a residential complex collapsed after strong winds pushed a steel structure onto the wall, but an investigation is still underway.

Nokia handset survives incident

The man has been identified as Geng Ming, and he has suggested that his Nokia Lumia 920 may have been responsible for saving his life. Remarkably the phone was only slightly scratched and is otherwise in perfect working order.

Although the act of putting his hands over his head was probably responsible for saving his life as much as the phone itself, it is still amazing that the handset survived the ordeal.

Three of the injured remain in a critical condition, and we can only hope that they make a full recovery.

Despite the fact that Nokia do not make handsets any more, it appears that older models are still providing both telephony and life-saving services around the world.

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