Nokia 9 Leak Comes After Rumors Of Upgraded Nokia 8

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This past week has been pretty exciting if you have been waiting to see what Nokia has in store. The smartphone brand that once was the darling of the tech world is making their comeback. The comeback began with some budget/mid-range devices released mainly in developing markets in Asia. Now, Nokia has its sights set on the flagship market. The Nokia 8 has been rumored and leaked literally since the beginning of the year. Some markets are starting to get the device in retail stores but there wasn’t much hope for the North American market until late last week.

Last week, we saw some FCC certification documents that outlined some details about the Nokia 8 including, most interestingly, an increase in RAM for the version of the device making its way to North America. This has some Nokia fans excited about the impending release of the Nokia 8 for North American customers.

Now, a Nokia 9 leak has people getting even more excited about the Nokia brand. A new image reporting to show the upcoming device was leaked on Chinese social media network, Baidu. This is the same social media network that originally leaked a lot of information about the Nokia 8. Of course, being social media, anyone is able to post information so it’s hard to verify the trustworthiness of this new Nokia 9 leak. Still, let’s check out the leaked image:

via Baidu

As you can see, it looks like the Nokia 9 leak confirms the bezel-less display rumors we have been hearing bounced around the internet for the last few months. This is pretty exciting news as, in my opinion, the bezels were the worst part about the Nokia 8. We live in a bezel-less world now! The Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X, and the LG V30 have all followed the latest trend of bezel-less displays and its my favorite development in smartphone design since smartphones came along.

This Nokia 9 leak also shows off the back side of the device which sports a dual camera sensor and a sleek body. It’s like someone took and iPhone X and a Galaxy S8 then mashed them into one super sexy smartphone. Seriously, this might be one of the nicest smartphone designs we have seen in awhile.

Unfortunately, this Nokia 9 leak didn’t provide much information beyond photos. We have no idea beyond rumors and speculation about what will come underneath that beautiful bezel-less display. Most people seem to believe that the Nokia 9 will have similar specs to the Nokia 8 which would make a lot of sense. The Nokia 8 sports a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM (6GB rumored for North America). If the Nokia 9 were to ship in the coming months with a Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM then that would put it right in line with the other Android flagship smartphones being released right now.

One of the most interesting things about Nokia is their commitment to software updates. We have seen regular updates about progress on Android O for the Nokia 8 and HMD Global (the company that is authorized to market the Nokia brand name) has said everything we want to hear when it comes to updates. Of course, talk is talk and we want to see action to back up those words but it would be nice to have another manufacturer commit to regular and timely updates to Android on their devices. Right now, if you want fast updates you need a Nexus or Pixel device. It’s one of the few areas where Apple is the undisputed winner in the constant Android vs iOS debate. Hopefully Nokia can follow through on their promises and give us another legitimate competitor in the smartphone world.

What do you think about the latest Nokia leaks? Are you going to be picking up a Nokia 8 or does this new Nokia 9 leak have you thinking you might hold off to see what’s in store with Nokia’s upcoming flagship? Personally, I’m intrigued enough by these images and the potential specs that I may actually want to hold off on any upgrades over the next few months to see what the Nokia 9 has to offer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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