Nintendo Switch May Get Some Of The Biggest PC Games

Nintendo Switch May Get Some Of The Biggest PC Games

While the Nintendo Switch is already the top choice of gamers, they could have even more reasons to love the console going ahead. The portable console may soon offer gamers some of the best PC titles.

What makes the Switch a better choice?

Going ahead, Nintendo’s new console might offer PC games like Hearthstone and Overwatch, among others that Blizzard will develop, according to a new report. More than 50 million gamers around the world play the card game Hearthstone on various smartphone platforms and PCs. It would be a boon for Switch owners to have this popular game available to them.

Blizzard executives told Express Online that bringing Hearthstone to the Switch will be worth the effort.

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Mike Donais, a senior game designer at Blizzard, said, “I personally haven’t talked about it, but I’m more focused on card design. Hearthstone is available on iPads and phones, so it’s a good discussion worth having.”

Further, the executives said that while Blizzard does not put the Nintendo Switch on its priority list, releasing Hearthstone on the device would be a better move than releasing it on rival products such as the PS4 or Xbox One. The designers added that in order to make the game functional on the other platforms, they would first need to add new control schemes, reports Express.

Even though the Nintendo Switch does not support Android, porting games to it is relatively easier than it is with earlier consoles from Nintendo. The Switch also has the added advantage of having a touchscreen, which isn’t on any gaming consoles.

Blizzard is known for keeping its interfaces easy for players, and traditional controllers may fail to fare well on this parameter. The Nintendo Switch’s popularity and sales in the coming future will also play an important deciding role on whether Blizzard would want to introduce the game on it.

Cave Story coming to Nintendo Switch

The release date of another game, Cave Story, on the Nintendo Switch has been finalized, adding one more game to the growing list of supported games. Earlier this year, Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez teased a Nintendo Switch port, but nothing was confirmed until now. Now Nicalis says that Cave Story+ will be released on the Switch on June 20 in the U.S.

Later, the game will be released in the U.K., although the release date for the rest of Europe is still not known, notes Express in a separate report.

“..Cave Story+ will be released in boxed form at retail, as well as digitally via the eShop. If it’s anything like the Steam version, Cave Story+ contains old-school and HD visuals,” the report says.

The game will offer six modes and 20 different battles to be fought. This is in addition to the 15 levels that need to be crossed, and players also get to unlock and upgrade ten weapons as they progress. According to Express, the U.S. version will cost $30, while U.K. players will get it for about £25.

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