Nintendo Set To Release 5 Mobile Games In The Next 2 Years

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Nintendo just announced plans to release five mobile games by 2017. This announcement is part of the console maker’s partnership with DeNA. Nintendo also shared a mobile road map during its investors call.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata explained to investors that a total of five mobile games wasn’t that small of a number. He also explained that the company is focused more on quality rather than quantity. The want to make every game a hit. They want to support each game for a long time after its release. They are serious about making their entry into the mobile gaming market, as they should be.

Nintendo talks mobile games

Iwata added that all their IP can be used for smart device games. There are so many smartphone games on the market right now. Even with IP, the possibility of success is still quite low. If they were to port the software with a track record on a dedicated game system, it would not match the play styles of smart devices. And since the appropriate business models are quite different, they could not anticipate a great result.

Nintendo wants to do it right the first time

It would be completely meaningless if they did not expect great results. The game maker stands to gain (or possibly lose) a lot. The company has long resisted the prospect of launching mobile games. As more people tend to use their smartphones for all their gaming needs, now it has no choice.

The current mobile game market is very competitive, and it is a good thing Nintendo wants to do everything right the first time. Whether the Japanese game console maker has success in the world of mobile gaming remains to be seen. There are so many different types of mobile games in the market that it is hard to gauge how much success Nintendo will have with mobile games.

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