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Nintendo NX And PlayStation 4.5 Release Date Revealed [REPORT]

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With two new video game consoles upcoming, both fans of Sony and Nintendo are awaiting news on the PlayStation 4.5 and Nintendo NX respectively. And a report by VR World suggests that both could be unveiled in the very foreseeable future.

Tokyo Game Show mooted

It seems that the two next generation consoles will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show in September. The magnitude of announcements at this important trade show could somewhat differ between the two manufacturers, as the PlayStation 4.5 is expected to be released in October, while Nintendo has already earmarked March 2017 for the NX.

Neither Sony nor Nintendo have confirmed that these rumors, but there have now been so many whispers from close to Sony that it is assumed that the PlayStation 4.5 does indeed exist. Of course, Nintendo has already announced the NX, we just don’t know precisely when we will get the first glimpse of this console. But it seems that Tokyo is a likely destination for both machines.

There isn’t a huge amount of further information in the VR World report, but it does mention that both consoles will feature GPU and memory at higher clock speeds than previous releases. With the Tokyo Game Show set to commence on Thursday, September 15, there will undoubtedly be even more attention on this event in East Asia than would usually be the case.

Zelda co-launch

One aspect of the Nintendo NX which will be particularly attractive for fans of previous Nintendo titles is that it has already been announced that the next Legend of Zelda game will co-launch on the Wii U and NX. The Zelda series is among the most esteemed in the history of video gaming, and the Ocarina of Time title from The N64 generation is considered a particular classic.

Nintendo NX price

Nintendo has become known for producing affordable hardware, but the NX may not entirely follow the previous policy of the Japanese corporation. Nintendo has produced consoles at a loss previously, but the CEO of the company, Tatsumi Kimishima, has recently revealed that this will not be the case with the forthcoming NX. “When Wii U was launched, the yen was very strong. I am assuming that situation will not repeat itself. Selling at a loss at launch would not support the business, so we are keeping that mind in developing NX.”

Considering that this console will be in the PlayStation 4 ballpark in terms of processing power, this suggests that the NX will not be as cheap as previous Nintendo releases. Perhaps a price tag between $350 and $400 is possible for this next generation machine, although Nintendo could go as low as $299.

Brand new concept

Nintendo has already described the NX console as a brand new concept, underlining the determination of the developer to always innovate. While Nintendo has been forced to follow trends in the industry to a certain extent, it is also always determined to follow its own path as well. So we can expect some unique features when in the NX is released, although Nintendo have kept these are very quiet at the moment.

In terms of specifications, a leaked report by the research firm GfK suggests that the Nintendo NX will support 4K video video streaming at 60 frames per second, with local rendering at 900p and 60 frames per second also possible. It is also likely that there will be 1080p gaming with the Nintendo NX, but it is not known whether developers could stretch to 60 frames per second at this resolution. GfK also indicates that “gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handheld device,” and there are also reports of a game streaming service on the new Nintendo machine.

Processor and games

It is believed that the Nintendo NX will utilize an AMD SoC, namely the x86 APU, in common with the Xbox One and PS4. This would be a first in video gaming if it does indeed come to fruition, with all three major console manufacturers using the same chip developer. The only games to have been officially confirmed for the Nintendo NX thus far are Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI, courtesy of Square Enix. But Zelda is also likely to be a launch title, and there is no doubt that Nintendo will have new Mario games in the pipeline as well.

Nintendo NX And PlayStation 4.5 Release Date Revealed [REPORT]

Sony goes 4K

Significantly less is known about the PlayStation 4.5, not least because Sony has yet to even confirm the existence of the console. However, there are three key themes presumed for the next generation PlayStation 4.5, and central to these is the suggestion that the console will go 4K. Leaked notes to developers indicate that Sony will provide instructions on how to maximize the potential of the console to deliver 4K gaming.

This will still be a challenge considering the presumed specs of the PlayStation 4.5, but we could see the first ever 4K Sony titles within the next year. With this in mind, Sony is also extremely unlikely to include a 4K Blu-ray player in the console.

Virtual reality

It is also believed that there will be a significant focus on virtual reality with the PlayStation 4.5, with the console seemingly set for an October release to coincide with the PlayStation VR headset. While this will also be fully compatible with the PlayStation 4, the extra processing power included in the PlayStation 4.5 will mean that the machine can deliver a superior VR experience.

More streaming

And analysts believe that the PlayStation 4.5 could make more use of video game streaming than has been the case with previous consoles, as the model of gaming that consoles have deliver continues to evolve.

Sony has already invested in streaming with its PlayStation Now series, but this more powerful PlayStation 4.5 console could be capable of delivering streaming of AAA current generation titles. While there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that Sony will dispense with physical discs, the opportunity for the manufacturer to provide more flexibility will be an attractive one for game developers, hardware manufacturers and the gaming community alike.

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