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Nintendo NX Picks Kingdom Hearts 3 [RUMOR]

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E3 2016 came and went without any news or mention of Kingdom Hearts III, the next title in Square Enix and Disney’s beloved crossover series, leaving many fans of the games unhappy and disappointed. However, due to a potentially game-changing and unintentional listing on EB Games Australia, we might now have some news regarding the sequel.

Initially, Kingdom Hearts 3 seemed destined for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as Tetsuya Nomura, the series director of the games, had last referenced the game in an interview with video game website Famitsu. The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue was widely discussed, with little mention of Kingdom Hearts III.

Since the upcoming “prologue” is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, many people believed that the third installment in the series would follow suit and be the same, and if not, would be released on the Xbox One as well. Square Enix has remained silent on the subject, and now we might know why they have done so.

Nintendo NX the home of the next Kingdom Hearts installment?

Just this week, EB Games Australia had momentarily listed Kingdom Hearts III for the Nintendo NX, the Japanese company’s upcoming game console. While it was up for a short while, it was quickly taken down, prompting questions on whether the listing was entirely a mistake, or if it was indeed the real deal, just put online far too early.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view), when something is put out on the internet it cannot be undone. The game was listed on EB Games Australia’s web-store for the price of $119.99 Australian dollars. Also listed on the web-store, but not taken down, were The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as Just Dance 2017, also listen at the $119.99 price point.

Additionally, Square Enix has plans to work as a third-party publisher for Nintendo on Dragon Quest XI, as well as on a port of Dragon Quest X, both of which are confirmed. These facts, as well as the lack of information on the Nintendo NX console and Kingdom Hearts III (especially at E3 2016) are potential signs that the rumor of the game coming out on the NX are true.

Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo? Not the first time

If Kingdom Heart III does indeed release on the NX, it would not be the first time a Kingdom Hearts game has been released on a Nintendo console. Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS, 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS, and Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advance all set precedent for the Square Enix/Disney series to appear on multiple platforms. However, it would be the first time that a proper numbered Kingdom Hearts title would appear on a Nintendo console.

Kingdom Hearts III to be the final chapter

The Kingdom Hearts series has been a beloved story for many gamers. Fans are certainly excited for the upcoming installment, and in a conversation with Famitsu, game director Tetsuya Nomura shared a number of details about the upcoming game. Unfortunately, it has been rumored to be the concluding game for the franchise.

During the interview, Nomura shared how huge the story of the upcoming game really is, saying that it is “overwhelmingly big,” and noting that he might have some issues with presenting it properly to the fans.

“It’s not that I’ve spread the story out,” says Nomura, “perhaps it’s more that I’ve separated the parts that would have ruined [the game’s] tempo if they were told then. In fact, [Kingdom Hearts III] is overwhelmingly big, so it’s not that content has been shaved off, and it’s something I’ve worried over how to handle.”

Taking this quote into account, one can imagine that the game might be released in chapters, allowing the massive story to be told in a more segmented manner.

Nomura also explained that he has shortened the introductory segment of the game, detailing that he doesn’t want gamers, as well as himself, to have to listen to long, informatory explanations. He wants player to jump right into the game and get to exploring.

“Because of that, maybe people will be like, ‘Why is Sora here?’, feeling like [Kingdom Hearts III] begins comparatively abruptly,” Nomura continued. “Of course, if you keep playing, you’ll work out the minimum about the situation.”

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts fans are aware, though reluctantly, that the upcoming installment is the final chapter in the Dark Seeker saga, the end of Sora’s journey, and is now believed to be the last game of the series. However, there are still rumors that Square Enix will still create Kingdom Hearts games, though not part of the main saga. Additionally, there are rumors that a Kingdom Hearts collection is poised to release on the PlayStation 4.

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