Who Will Be The Next UK Prime Minister: 10 Contenders For 1 Seat

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The question who the next UK Prime Minister will be is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts in the island nation. Theresa May’s resignation, followed by her official vacating of the office on June 7 has left a frenzied fight for conservative politicians vying for her seat.

10 Candidates To Be Next UK Prime Minister

A total of 10 conservative leaders are each looking to climb the political ladder to the top in the UK. Each of them are actively promoting their plans for Brexit, which is one of the hottest topics on the campaign platform list. Everyone wants to know who will lead them safely through the breakup with the EU, while still maintaining economic stability. So who are the candidates that want to be the next UK Prime Minister? Here are some facts about the candidates, according to Vox.

The Underdogs:

  • Matt Hancock: As the current health secretary, Hancock has held the position that the UK should remain in the EU. However, he has agreed to try to renegotiate the Brexit deal, and he believes there is no need for a die hard Brexit fan to accomplish this task. He is considered to be a moderate and somewhat of a long shot to be the next UK Prime Minister.
  • Mark Harper: Former chief whip of the conservative part, Harper wants to request a “short,focused” extension on the Brexit negotiations. However, it seems unlikely that the EU will budge.
  • Andrea Leadsom: Former House of Commons leader under Theresa May, Leadsom ran against May in 2016. This time around, she will be facing an even tougher race.
  • Esther McVeigh: The former work and pensions secretary is a hardline fan of Brexit. However, she doesn’t have very much chance of advancing in the race.
  • Rory Stewart: Considered to be the most moderate person in the race, Stewart doesn’t intend to pursue a “no deal” Brexit. He is one of the few politicians to admit the EU will most likely not renegotiate Brexit with the UK. He has suggested a public assembly to guide Parliament in what to do regarding the situation. He most likely will not be the next UK Prime Minister.

Pack Leaders:

  • Michael Gove: He has been labeled a “true believer” in Brexit, and has promised to try to renegotiate the Brexit deal. His campaign to become the next UK Prime Minister is not doing as well as he had hoped, due to the fact that he has a history of cocaine usage.
  • Jeremy Hunt: Considered to be one of the top choices in this race, Hunt is the current foreign minister. He also has the backing of several prominent conservative MPs to help bolster his support. He is not a fan of Brexit, but has promised to attempt to renegotiate a deal. He has also said that he would pursue a no deal Brexit, but that it would be with a “heavy heart.”
  • Sajid Javid: The son of Pakistani immigrants, currently serving as home minister, Javid has agreed to pursue a new Brexit deal. He also wants Britain to pay for the proposed border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Dominic Raab: Once the man in charge of negotiating the Brexit deal under Theresa May, Raab quit due to objections with May’s deal. He is not very well liked within the EU, as he is a hardliner when it comes to Brexit. He has promise to strenuously negotiate with the EU, and if that proved fruitless, he would pull the UK out of the EU by Octovber 31st regardless.
  • Boris Johnson: Having served as both foreign secretary and mayor of London, Johnson is a well known political figure. He stands a good chance of becoming the next UK Prime Minister, and is currently the front runner in the race. He is well known for his principles regarding Brexit, and will doubtless pursue a deal with the EU to achieve a peaceful divorce between the two entities. He has made it very clear that if a deal can not be reached, he would pull the UK out of the EU on October 31st.

Brexit On The Line

The race is on, and it will most likely be the end of July before we know the final outcome. While Johnson looks like a strong frontrunner, recent events in the world have shown us that politics can be unforgiving and unpredictable. The question of who the next UK Prime Minister will be still looms over the heads of citizens in the country.

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