News App: Apple Inc. Replaces Newsstand In iOS 9

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Apple announced the latest version of its iOS operating system today, and Newsstand is set to be replaced.

Apple announced that it would now include News for iOS 9, which provides a user experience similar to that of news reader app Flipboard. The new app will bring together content from publications such as ESPN, the New York Times and Conde Nast.

A more personalized approach

News is set to offer a more personalized range of content than its predecessor. After logging in for the first time, users are recommended a series of publications, but can also select a number of topics to follow. Apple claims that the app will learn more about your tastes the more you use it, and will suggest content based on your behavior.

The app is capable of supporting rich typography and animation, and Apple has put a lot of thought into its design. A new feature called Photo Mosaic displays a gallery of news photos, and News will also offer users the chance to swipe from article to article and publication to publication, in the style of Flipboard.

Users in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia will be the first to see the new app on their devices. Reports claim that a new approach will see Apple let publishers keep 100% of their advertising revenue, but Apple will help to sell unsold advertising space and keep a percentage of those revenues.

Apple attempts to win back users and publishers

Apple will replace Newsstand, which was announced back in 2011. It was originally hailed as the savior of magazines in the internet age, and got off to a strong start. Digital magazine and newspaper revenue quadrupled in its first year, but publishers have since grown disillusioned with a service which they say hides content rather than drawing attention to it.

Many publishers have since transferred to standalone apps such as Flipboard, and Apple is surely hoping to bring both publishers and readers back into the fold with the News app.

The new app will go head to head with Facebook’s instant articles, which were announced a few weeks ago. Facebook wants publishers to run their content directly on its platform, which looks set to spark competition with Apple.

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