Festivals, Politics, And Traditions: Looking Back At The History Of New Year Celebrations

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Both Christmas and New Year denotes merriment and Joy. These two festivals are celebrated almost all over the world. The traditions may be different but the zeal and fervor with which they are celebrated are unique with New Year celebrations versus Christmas with family time. Apart from New Year celebrations and Christmas traditions, there are some other things that unite Christmas and New Year. Here we present a few interesting aspects of Christmas and New Year:

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Different Celebration styles

Though both the festivals are celebrated all over the world the celebration style and traditions can vary exponentially. The US is the states get the major media coverage when it comes to the Christmas celebrations. The exemplary fervor with which the US celebrates Christmas has retained the vital cultural value of Christmas. Similarly, US celebrate New Year on a similarly large scale. In fact, many of the New Year and Christmas trends are inspired by the US.

Religion and Politics

The religion and politics share a strange equation. Like the religion, politics to dominate the large part of social life of a specific nation. However, the religion and politics don’t always go hand in hand. Like in the case of Christmas it was actually prohibited by England’s parliament in 1644 as it was believed to be of heathen origins. However, the ban could not continue for long as people were not easy to throttle their beliefs because of government. Likewise, the New Year was also banned in the Soviet Union when the religion was looked down in the union. So, some religious parts of New Year celebrations like decorating trees were banned in the Soviet Union. However, no ban could continue for long when it comes to the festival celebrations.

The effect of internet New Year celebrations vs Christmas shopping

The effect of the internet in every sphere of life can be felt in the way the 2 festivals are celebrated. Many of us still remember the frenzy of going to card shops for buying Christmas/New Year cards for our families and friends. Today the things are easier, People can just log on t the net and go to the e-card sites, select a good card from the templates and with a few steps his card is already o the way. Though it has added to the ease, many people still miss the zeal and frenzy of the yesteryears when there used to be a great fervor to visit the card shops, select from a wide variety of “real’ cards from different shapes and sizes and the satisfaction that came after posting our card to our loved ones of giving it to the manually.

 New Year Celebrations  New Year celebrations

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