This iPhone Glass Concept Shows What The Next iPhone Might Look Like

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While the latest generation of smartphone has recently released in the past few months, as per usual, it’s always fun to look forward and speculate about what we might see with upcoming releases. Concept art is a great way for tech-savvy artists to share their ideas about yet-unreleased technology with the rest of the world. Upcoming Phones has released a new iPhone Glass concept featuring a transparent display — a potential design choice that would really set Apple apart from the pack in a sea of smartphones that all look relatively the same.


Perhaps the most important aspect of any concept image is the phone’s design. While it’s difficult to arrive at any reliable conclusions with speculations about a phone’s tech specs, the aesthetics of a new device are a little more easy to imagine — although this new iPhone glass concept is definitely a departure from the norm.

The 5.8-inch display is transparent, and features relatively large bezels. This may seem like a significant departure from Apple’s recent design philosophy, but in this case, all the hardware for the phone is stored underneath these bezels. This leaves the body of the phone to be clear and transparent, giving this concept a cool and unique design that sets it apart from the rest. There are also no physical volume buttons — users simply slide their finger up and down the side of the form to adjust the audio.

Although the new iPhone glass concept is a cool feature, the concept has included the ability to adjust transparency, or even to completely turn it off. This type of feature helps while using the camera, surfing the web, or playing games.

Battery and Hardware

Although these specs are a little more difficult to nail down, Upcoming Phones has made some speculations on what sort of performance we can expect from this potential iPhone design.

The site imagines that the top bezel near the camera will house the battery, and that this compact source of power will take up much less space and last all day. Fast wireless charging allows you to top your phone up quickly and conveniently. As far as hardware goes, the processor, RAM, sensors, motherboard, and all other essential piece will likely be included in one chip — housed in the bottom bezel.

Interestingly, the concept doesn’t include any sort of storage on the phone itself. This iPhone display concept doesn’t leave much room for anything else, so all of the user data would be stored on iCloud. This is a cool idea, but may be a detractor in practice. Having all information and programs rely on an internet connection means that you’ll lose access to the apps you need if service gets spotty.

The phone also features full waterproofing, allowing you to use your ned handset in the pool or shower.

While these concepts are more of an exercise in creativity than they are reliable information, it’s still fun to imagine what the iPhone of the future might include. With cutting-edge Face ID tech, there’s no doubt that Apple can innovate. Whether or not they take a path like this transparent iPhone display concept remains to be seen

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