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Almost every day a quick search for the Galaxy Note 8 will reveal a multitude of articles claiming that Samsung will or won’t reveal the handset. Additionally, social media is awash with people sharing their 10 cents’ worth. So what if Samsung does decide to keep the Note series alive? We’re going to try to dig through the noise and determine what the Galaxy Note 8’s specs may be.

Galaxy Note 8: what will have to change?

To answer this question, we don’t need to have much imagination. Just look at the apparent reason the Note 7 was recalled. Its battery was at fault, with users from different parts of the world seeing the battery explode or emit noxious gas. To restore consumer goodwill, Samsung has promised a thorough investigation. However, many believe the battery to be fully to blame, and any future Galaxy Note 8 should address this.

Rumors suggest that the Korean giant could move back to using removable batteries, which would be a positive move, but only if the investigation proves the Note 7’s battery was at fault.

SnapDragon 835 chipset

The latest rumor has Samsung partnering with Qualcomm and working on a Snapdragon 835 chip. This rumor suggests that a 10nm (nanometer) production process will be used for the Galaxy Note 8 chip.

Furthermore, it will reportedly have features designed to help the phablet’s battery be more efficient and safe. Also the Snapdragon 835 will reportedly offer Quick Charge, which could be up to 20% faster than the charging capability in previous devices, meaning that it could reach a 50% charge in as little as 15 minutes.

Galaxy Note 8 Patent
Image Credit: Samsung Electronics / Patent Filing

Design revolution

Recent rumors about the Galaxy Note 8 have suggested that it will come with the now-traditional 5.7-inch display. However, what could come next is said to be slightly different, due to it possibly being foldable. Additionally, this new design could see the removal of the Home button. Apparently, this would enable an edge-to-edge display that is capable of 4K resolution and VR.

New Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

Return of the iris scanner

Seen as a no-brainer, the Galaxy Note 8 should see the return of an iris scanner. Previously, Samsung spent millions of dollars perfecting this technology, only to have its life cut short. So when the rumor mill suggests it will make a return, we believe this is common sense. After all, suppliers of the device lost money when production of the last Note stopped. This would be a way for Samsung to repay them for their patience.

Two size variants

To date, Samsung has not taken the Note down the same route as its S series of handsets. It only releases a single device; we’ve not seen a standard and an Edge variant at the same time, but according to Hot Hardware, the Galaxy Note 8 could come in two sizes. Not two sizes within one device, but two different-sized devices. They will reportedly be 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches, which, if released, would be the biggest device on the market.

Installed OS and other specs

If and when the Galaxy Note 8 hits the shelves, it will be expected to be running on Android Nougat. However, some rumors suggest it could feature the little-known Android O. Additionally, the S-Pen will make a return, only this time, embedded speakers and an enhanced AI assistant could make an appearance. But we believe the AI assistant will be made available on the Galaxy S8 first.

Release date and price

One month for an announcement has almost reached consensus, and that’s February. The reason is because this is when people from all over the world gather in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. No one has yet dared to guess at the price, but we think Samsung will return to its previous pricing structure. After all, it doesn’t want to raise prices when it’s trying to repair its reputation, does it?

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