New Apple 4-Inch iPhone 6C Renders Emerge [PHOTOS]

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As rumors continue to develop about the forthcoming iPhone 6C, the latest information about the device give some indication on color options for consumers. This smaller version of the iPhone has been a focus of the Apple-following media for some time, and is expected to play a significant role in Apple’s strategy for this year, despite the fact that its existence hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Equally, it hasn’t been entirely confirmed that the handset will indeed be labelled as the iPhone 6C, but with the iPhone 7 due later this year, it is possibly more likely that this name will be used than iPhone 7C.

iPod Touch similarity

Aside from the color options, it seems that the iPhone 6C will feature similar design parameters to the sixth-generation iPod Touch. Meanwhile, analysts believe that the device will indeed feature a 4-inch display, and an aluminum build that would differ from previous affordable iPhone releases.

Specifications linked with the iPhone 6C suggest that it will be a pretty nifty operator. The general consensus of opinion is that the iPhone 6C will have a spec sheet that is somewhat similar to the existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This would be centered around an Apple A8 chipset, an 8-megapixel iSight camera and a 1.3-megapixel FaceTime rear-facing snapper. There is some difference of opinion as to whether the iPhone 6C will be armed with a single gigabyte of RAM, or whether Apple will stretch this figure to 2GB.

iPhone 6C – New renders released

And some new renders of the iPhone 6C give us an interesting notion of what this smartphone competitor will look like once it is released. Created by Ferry Passchier, these new renders for this compact iOS handset suggest that this smartphone will be rather similar to the existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S in design.


But analysts believe that the iPhone 6C will provide consumers with a more diverse choice of color options than Apple’s flagship handsets. Passchier suggests that Apple may offer the five color choices that the corporation already provides for the iPod Touch, while also proffering another option as well. Thus, Passchier lists space gray, silver, gold, rose gold dark pink, and dark blue as possible color choices for the iPhone 6C.

Aside from the color options, infamous KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offered his thoughts on the design, processor and launch date for the iPhone 6C recently. Kuo believes that the smartphone will feature a metal casing that is somewhat similar to the iPhone 5S. But where the smartphone will differ from its predecessor is in utilizing the curved cover glass that was used in both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C.

Kuo also suggests that the iPhone 6C will contain a relatively large 1,642 mAh battery, while Touch ID support and a near field communications chip for Apple Pay usage will also be included. Kuo is one analyst to believe that Apple will include 2GB of RAM in this device, but also goes along with the consensus is that 3D Touch is unlikely to feature.

Early rumors regarding the iPhone 6C suggest that the device could launch at the $400-500 price mark. With the handset expected to debut possibly in April, Apple could announce the release of the iPhone 6C alongside the Apple Watch 2. This hints at a major unveiling event in March of this year, during which Apple could also unveil its latest tablet computer, the iPad Air 3.

China syndrome

The iPhone 6C is expected to play a significant role in Apple’s strategy in developing economies in particular. Although the device is expected to shift a significant number of units in the Western world as well, it is obviously a smartphone that would appeal to the slightly less prosperous East Asian marketplace. Of course, there is a rapidly growing middle-class in places such as China, and indeed research recently indicated that Apple is now selling more iPhones in China than even the United States. But an entry-level device could particularly appeal to Chinese Apple fans.

It is also generally considered that the smartphone has been introduced in order to provide Apple with a new revenue stream. This is something that Apple promised the city back in 2014, after its share price was shaved significantly. Apple has since broken through the psychologically important $100 barrier with its stock, and Apple shares reached a peak of $130 in June last year. But there has been a 20 percent slump since then, and Apple wishes to demonstrate with the iPhone 6C that it can tap into the more affordable end of the smartphone market as well as dominating the premium niche.

In order to achieve this, it seems that the consumer electronics giant will offer customers a wide variety of choices, with the iPhone 6C set to adopt a similar ethos to the Apple Watch that was launched last year.

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