Netflix Saves An Average of 130 Hours A Year In Commercials

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Netflix offers uninterrupted movies and shows to its viewers without commercials, which is one of the best things about being a subscriber. But have you ever wondered how much of your time is Netflix saving? Well,you don’t have to calculate the answer has already been figured by

Netflix saves us a lot of time

To arrive at the answer, the amount of time spent by an average user in streaming Netflix on a daily basis has been multiplied with the average time ads are aired during a normal one-hour broadcast. On average, a Netflix subscriber spends 1.5 hours a day on the service while the ads aired during an average hour of television last approximately 15 minutes and 30 seconds. The resulting figure is 130 hours of advertising a year you are not watching, which is a pretty big deal!.

Its no surprise that Netflix is being used by more and more consumers to watch their favorite shows and movies. The streaming service offers an array of shows for viewers of all age and demographics. TDG Research in a survey of 2000 users found that Netflix content is now streamed for more than 1.5 hours a day on average. For a year, this figure stands at around 540 hours of Netflix streaming. On a daily basis, 21.3 minutes of traditional television advertisements are being avoided by an average user, who spends 1.5 hours a day on the streaming service. This means that 5.4 days of advertisements are being avoided over an entire year.

Television networks have only themselves to blame

The value no ads is only going to increase as the amount of advertising on network TV has gone up to 25% of a normal broadcast over the last five years. It was reported by Nielsen in 2014 that the ads during a normal hour of TV has been increased to 14 minutes and 15 seconds by broadcast television and 15 minutes and 38 seconds by cable television. Total advertising spend was $64 billion in 2009, and went up to $78 billion in 2014.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the television shows were being sped up by about 9-10% by television networks to squeeze more ad slots into the broadcast. Though these clever mechanics was employed to make more money,  it seems these ads may be pushing users to ad-free options like Netflix.

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