Netflix, Inc. Hiring ‘Instagrammers’ To Travel And Take Pics

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Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has come up with an exciting job opportunity for few lucky people who have a deep interest in photography and a great eye. Yahoo News reports that Netflix is paying people to travel and post pictures on Instagram.

Netflix need ‘Grammasters’

Apparently the streaming company is offering money to travel abroad and take photos. The job is very attractive, but it’s tough to get. Netflix is just looking for three people who are experts at using Instagram, and they will be the lucky ones to travel all over the continent.

The official website provides details about the paid Netflix gig. The applicant will first have to follow the Instagram account of Netflix. The user will have to add a hashtag ‘#Grammaster’ to his/her three best photos, which will then be evaluated and shortlisted by the team at Netflix. Then the best photographers will be contacted in the hiring process. The deadline for applying to the challenge is October 7.

Not the first time

The selected people will travel across the United States and also go on adventure trips. Netflix calls these people ‘Grammasters,’ and will also send them to other North American countries as well. The search for Grammasters is being done with the goal of accumulating a set of beautiful pictures for Netflix Instagram channels. This step is being taken by the company as part of its efforts to show images across the internet relating to Netflix original shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Once the Grammaster completes the trip and furnishes the company with some great photographs he or she will be awarded $4,000 for the two-week trip. Netflix will cover the entire expenses of the trip. Those chosen for the trip will be required to take photographs of “iconic film and television locations” along with photographs of the sets of the most popular original Netflix shows.

This is not the first time that Netflix has come up with an unusual task. Earlier this year, the streaming company hired a “movie and TV content expert” to watch as much Netflix as possible.

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