NASA Kennedy Space Center Is Now On Google Street View

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Now you can see the famed NASA Kennedy Space Center on Google Street View. As part of the NASA KSC 50th Anniversary Celebration, they have opened their doors to Google Street View for a very special experience.

There was about 6000 photographs taken. Google users can view the Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch pads with just one click.

Obviously, Google Street View is no replacement for traveling or exploring, but it’s an interesting tool for curious people and educational purposes. The recent addition of NASA Kennedy Space Center definitely enhances Google’s reputation as an informative website.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) already has many wonderful resources, which are as fun as they are educational. They have Google Books, a cool website that lets you preview many different books for free and Panoramio, which lets you view collections of images from around the world. Google Earth is another tool that allows users to explore the entire world in three dimensions. There is also Google Scholar, which lets users search through educational material and documents.

It’s obvious that Google has a strong presence on the education front, and the recent addition to Google Street View only reaffirms that.

Lisa Malone, from NASA, recently made a statement, “We are pleased to partner with Google on the new Street View project, which offers the public a behind-the-scenes look at the Kennedy Space Center’s unique facilities that launched humans to the moon and space shuttles to low Earth orbit. Viewers also will get a peek inside areas where flight hardware was processed, including elements of the International Space Station, and planetary and scientific payloads.”

It’s good to know that NASA fans can visit the legendary Kennedy Space Center, even if it’s just on their couch.  I wonder if and when Google will team up with other agencies and organizations to further enhance the Google Street View service.

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