Nano-Sims For iPhone 5 Said To Be In Retailers Hands Pre-Launch

Nano-Sims For iPhone 5 Said To Be In Retailers Hands Pre-Launch

One German carrier has been receiving nano-SIM cards before the rumored launch of the iPhone 5, which is September 12.

Nano-Sims For iPhone 5 Said To Be In Retailers Hands Pre-Launch, a German tech website, recently reported that Deutsche Telekom AG (PINK:DTEGY) has started to distribute the new nano-SIM cards to their partners ahead of time. The letters that are sent with the new cards claim they are for the next generation of smartphones, although they didn’t indicate whether it was the iPhone 5 or not.

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For the last few months, we’ve been hearing numerous rumors that the sixth generation smartphone was going to feature a new nano-SIM card. Other rumors we’ve heard include a slightly longer design and a smaller dock connector. So far, nothing has been confirmed.

Earlier in 2012, the nano-SIM card was the topic of a heated debate. Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) balked at Apple’s plans to change the SIM card, claiming that the “design violated a no jamming rule, because its length was too similar to the width of current-generation micro-SIMs”.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) responded by making a few minor adjustments to the card. They added a small amount of plastic around the edges of the electrical contacts, which would make it long enough so it couldn’t be forced lengthwise into a socket that’s not compatible.

In June, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute selected the new nano-SIM design.

We’re getting closer to the official unveiling of the iPhone 5, and everyone is still looking for some sort of confirmation of the device beforehand. I do believe that Deutche Telekom is gearing up for the next iPhone, and that’s why they sent out the new nano-SIMs in advance.  Despite all the recycled rumors regarding the next big Apple device, I really don’t sense a whole lot of excitement yet. Perhaps, people kind of know what to expect and they’re just waiting for Apple to make the announcement.

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