Mujjo Introduces Leather iPhone X Cases To Protect The Glass Of Phone

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The iPhone X is one of the best and most powerful smartphones in the world. It has a beautiful bezel-less display unlike any other iPhone. Thanks to its stunning design and new features, the 10th-anniversary iPhone is going to set you back by at least $999. The device has an all-glass front and a glass back, which facilitates wireless charging. Apple claims the iPhone X uses the world’s most durable glass ever used on a smartphone. But let’s be realistic, it’s made out of glass. It is going to break if you drop it accidentally when it’s not covered in a protective case. Accessories maker Mujjo has introduced a range of leather iPhone X cases that provide adequate protection without compromising on its elegance.

When you are shelling out over a thousand dollars on an iPhone, you need to ensure that your device is fully protected. If you like to carry around your credit card, ID card, and train tickets, Mujjo’s new leather iPhone X cases can comfortably house them on the back. They offer a decent protection, style, grip, and give you instant access to your credit card and ID without adding too much bulk.

Mujjo’s leather iPhone X cases come in both wallet and non-wallet variants. They are available in black, gray, and classic tanned leather color options. The wallet version has a slanted leather card pocket stitched on the back. It has enough room to hold 2-3 credit cards, ID, or commuter cards. One good thing about leather cases is that they age gracefully, and add a more personal character as they break in.

Leather iPhone X Cases
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These leather iPhone X cases are carefully designed to protect your device. The leather rises 1mm above the front glass to create a raised bezel that protects the screen from abrasive surfaces. The buttons are covered in leather, which gives the phone a sleek look. Mujjo claims to have thoroughly tested the button profile for responsiveness and ease of uses. The openings for the camera and mute button have a leather chamfer that curves slightly inwards.

These leather iPhone X cases are simple yet stylish. Its sleek design, microfiber interior, soft feel, and understated appearance adds to the beauty of your iPhone X without shouting “look at me!” It not only enhances the style, but also protects the handset in an attractive manner.

iPhone X Cases
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Mujjo has priced the leather wallet case at $50. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and on their website. The non-wallet version costs a bit lower at $45.

The iPhone X pre-orders are set to start on October 27. Apple will start shipping the device on November 3. However, the phone is going to be in short supply during the first few months due to production issues with the 3D infrared sensors that support the new Face ID technology. Yield rates for the 3D sensors are far below satisfactory levels. The full-scale production is expected to start in mid-October.

If you have skipped the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and want to get your hands on the iPhone X in time for the holiday season, you have to be among the first to pre-order the device at midnight on October 27. Apple is expected to have only 12 million units ready for shipping by November 3. Demand for the iPhone X is so strong that most consumers won’t get the 10th-anniversary iPhone until early 2018.

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