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Kids and Technology- A Look at the least and most suitable devices for kids

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Technology has significantly transformed the world and also plays a crucial role in our kid’s developmental milestones. Nowadays, kids start using technology at a very tender age. And it’s not shocking to see babies staring at the photos on their parent’s iPad. With the introduction of tablets, smartphones, and many other mobile devices, it’s easier to access the internet. However, technology can negatively impact your child’s life, especially when you don’t pick suitable devices for kids.

What are the effects of technology on kids?

We can’t talk about the harmful effects of technology without speaking of age. Well, for kids less than two years old, exposure to technology can be detrimental as it lessens their chances of interacting with the physical world. However, this is not to say that technology doesn’t affect older kids. The effects are also dire.

Devices like smartphones and television encourage kids to be sedentary and likely to get addicted. Moreover, some studies assert that kids addicted to technology are likely to suffer from obesity and high blood pressure.

With the use of electronic gadgets, kids expose themselves to a host of online threats. Harassment by cyberbullies, sexual solicitation, and encounters with online child predators are prevalent with the use of electronic devices.

What are the most suitable devices for kids?

There are several toys and gadgets available in the market, and deciding what best suits your kid can be daunting. However, as a parent, you have an idea of what your child loves and what might excite them. Remember, all kids are different, and all have varying learning milestones.

  1. Children of 0-3 Years

At this age, introduce toys with different sounds and colors or the best tablet for 2 year old. Look for gadgets that feature sounds, bright colors, and are safe. Things like stuffed toys that make sounds, music rattles, toys with lights, and vivid images all work best.

  1. Kids between the ages of 2-5 years

At this age, kids love hearing unusual sounds and see a lot of movement around them. They also get excited when touching and feel their toys. They are inquisitive and love exploring, so you need to be cautious with what you pick.

Encourage your child to play with electronic playsets, tablets for toddlers, talking animals, movable action figures, or interactive storybooks. More so, introduce them to your smartphone and ensure that it has various easily downloadable applications for kids for learning numbers, shapes, and colors or listening to rhymes.

  1. Kids above the age of five

At this age, it’s not easy to keep track of what your kid is doing. They are no longer fascinated by electronic toys or e-readers, but they can easily reach out to the internet and play video games and other handheld games. And, this is the best time to introduce them to educational electronics and have them pick what they need to explore. As such, educational tablets for kids work well.

  1. Teens

As a kid grows up to become a teenager, they need technology much more. Besides, your child may need the computer to do some assignments, and before you realize, they take over the family computer.

The use of social media, messaging apps, and blogging sites are prevalent among kids. Some of the best gadgets to acquire for your teen are; kid’s tablets with wifi, computers, laptops, mobile phones, Mp3, and gaming systems.

 Most of the kid’s gadgets nowadays come with parental controls and internet restrictions. So, remember to set them up and keep an eye on your teen as they use their gadgets. Below are some of the things to keep watch on;

Suitable devices for kids: Factors to consider

-Usage– Train your child on how to use their devices responsibly, set rules, and let them know the limits. For instance, inform them of the sites that they aren’t allowed to access, especially those with pornographic materials or any other adult content.

Also, they shouldn’t share things like their location, passwords, information about their family or parents, personal images, and many more. If you notice that your child uses their device to do the opposite, then you need to act swiftly. One of the best ways to do this is to sell iPhone 8 plus to safeguard them from online threats. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, visit swifttechbuy.com, trade the device, and get paid on the spot.

-Screen time– Limit the time that your kid uses on their device. The best way to do this is to change your passwords often and offer your kid exciting things to indulge in and not make the gadgets accessible. For instance, lock the gadgets in your bedroom when you want them to study, eat, or play outside. Remember, the more your child uses their devices, the higher the chances of encountering the dangers associated with being online.

-Monitor activities– Stay around your child as they use the computer or phone and follow what they are watching or reading. Kids get exposed to lots of inappropriate content while using such devices. Therefore, if you don’t observe what they are doing, they can easily access adult content or download inappropriate images.

 If you can’t get time to stay beside your kid all the time, consider using parental controls. This way, you limit what your teen does when you’re not at home. Filter sites that you won’t wish your kid to access and watch their movements online. As such, it will be easy to know what they post and who they communicate with on social media.

 Final thoughts

 All kids are different, and their preferences vary. However, it’s imperative to pick suitable devices for kids. Although many are the times when you may be unsure of what to choose for your child, the above ideas should assist you in making the best decision.

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