Mohamed Morsi Ousted: Egyptians Divided into Three Camps

Mohamed Morsi Ousted: Egyptians Divided into Three Camps
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By Arwa Gaballa:  Egypt’s army chief has called for demonstrations to mandate the army to confront violence and terrorism by supporters of Mohamed Morsi  following weeks of violent clashes.

Mohamed Morsi Ousted: Egyptians Divided into Three Camps

While massive protests were held on Friday, some to demand the reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi  and others to show support for the army that ousted him, the Egyptian people were divided into three camps.

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A lot of those who justify the killing of Mohamed Morsi’s supporters today once justified the killing of “revolutionaries” for causing traffic conjunctions, standing for a cause which they did not support, disturbing public peace and order, etc.

This group will always support the use of force against anyone whose cause they do not endorse, they will believe media propaganda when it dehumanizes their political rivals and they will always shift their views dramatically overnight because they generally do not base their judgments on a solid moral framework.

This next group however, once condemned the killing of people it agreed with – falsely in the name of human rights – but now happily welcomes the killing of its political rivals, such as supporters of Mohamed Morsi. I urge this group to be honest with itself and admit that it never really cared about the lives that were lost from the Mohamed Morsi camp and instead only really cared about its cause.

This group is the most disappointing because at least the first group has always been upfront about its moral standing.

Finally, only a tiny, tiny, minority has so far managed to put its political views aside and actually defend the peaceful civilians whom they do not agree with. These people are now being accused of supporting terrorism just because they are cynical of the army and are saying: yes terrorists supporting Mohamed Morsi must be prosecuted, but forcibly dispersing a peaceful sit-in is always wrong – even if the protesters are “smelly bearded men”.

After reading a few accounts from last night, it seems that the Mohamed Morsi Rabaa al-Adaweya protesters were unarmed when forces opened fire on them last night. But, even terrorists – which most of Mohamed Morsi’s supporters are not – should be treated within the framework of the law.

I never voted for Mohamed Morsi and I was very pleased when he was ousted on July 3 – although, to be completely honest, the way in which he was ousted hugely concerned me – but we must rise above our urge for vengeance.

With every new wave of violence, try to rise above your political views and remain human.

Down with your double standards and your lack of humanity.

Mohamed Morsi Ousted: Egyptians Divided into Three Camps: This content is from :Aswat Masriya

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