Microsoft Corporation Launches Outlook App for Apple Watch

Microsoft Corporation Launches Outlook App for Apple Watch
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Microsoft has launched an Outlook email app for the Apple Watch. The new app give users more information on messages with just a tap now required for giving fast replies or a voice note reply through Siri.

Apple makes Outlook more user-friendly

Apple Watch users were able to view only a few lines of the email earlier, but the new Outlook app allows users to see entire emails and reply to messages, reports The Verge. Now just a tap on the Outlook icon in the notification area,is needed for accessing the Outlook Apple Watch app, which allows users to reply as fast as they can by typing or dictating a reply to the message.

Microsoft Outlook app also offers an instant glance at calendar appointments. A user can also respond to the email either by typing or by voice dictation, delete or archive it, mark it as unread, schedule a reminder or flag items as important to view later.

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A fully-focused wearables site has also been launched by Microsoft for giving information regarding various Office apps for Android Wear and the Apple Watch. Apart from Outlook, other apps tMicrosoft offers for the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices are PowerPoint, OneDrive, Skype, OneNote and Translator.

Smart move from Microsoft?

It can be seen as a smart move from Microsoft to come up with an improved app for the Apple Watch as the gadget has received a positive response from early adopters. Around 97% of the 1,000 early Apple Watch users agreed that they are satisfied with the watch, a survey from Wristly and Ben Bajarin of Techpinions found. The survey found that 66% of Watch owners are “very satisfied” with it, while 31% are somewhat satisfied. The ratings are much higher than what were received by the first-generation iPhone and iPad.

The survey showed that tech-savvy users were more hesitant with the device than normal users. On one hand, where the non-tech savvy users were excited for the watch, the tech-savvy users would rather ask their friend and wait to decide if the gadget is worth the money.

Though the survey showed that buyers are excited with the watch, some analysts are not very optimistic on Apple Watch sales numbers.

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