Microsoft Corporation Purchases Surface Pen Maker N-Trig

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Microsoft recently confirmed plans to buy N-Trig, the company behind the Surface Pen. The report first surfaced when Israeli newspaper Calcalist claimed the PC giant acquired the company for over $200 million.

Microsoft will move N-Trig’s 190 employees into its offices in Israel. The company’s belief in the pen worked out for N-Trig. Panos Panay, the lead executive for the Surface tablet, explained to The Wall Street Journal that their company saw a major increase in usage of the stylus on the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft also has further plans to invest in the technology through improvements like the Microsoft Edge, which boasts digital ink.

Possible Surface expansion in the near future

Surface executive Stevie Bathiche said he can’t wait to show fans what they will deliver on the Surface in the future, particularly when it comes to digital pens. Bathiche admitted that digital pens still have a long way to go in terms of paper and pen dimensions, but they are hoping to plan innovative ways to change that.

In other Microsoft-related news, a recent post suggests Windows 10 is not as simple as it seems, although the company claims universal software applications run on all devices. It enables users to plug their Windows phone into a television, transforming it to a computer. There are also plans for iOS and Android applications to run on Windows hardware.

Microsoft has strong ambitions for Windows 10

Microsoft’s annual Build developers’ conference allowed the company to share its vision in the form of keynote speeches, technology demo sessions and other forms of shameless hyperbole. There is much anticipation for the company’s new direction, specifically for running other mobile operating systems on Windows devices.

Perhaps it is important to note that Microsoft finally understands its place in the ever-changing tech industry. Some people still question how far the PC giant will get with its ambitious plans.

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