Leaks About Microsoft’s Chromium Web Browser Flood The Web

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Unsatisfied with the poor performance of its Edge browser, Microsoft reportedly began working on a Chromium-based similar to Google’s Chrome. However, although the tech giant wanted to make it a surprise, leaks about it continue to pile in. The Chromium Edge browser leaks are spreading via file-sharing websites and beta-sharing forums. In fact, users can now install it and see how it works.

Aggiornamenti Lumia spotted the Chromium Edge browser on the PCBeta forum, which contains a link to download a .zip file containing the browser. After the Setup.exe file is downloaded and extracted, users can run it to install the new browser.

Neowin installed the new Chromium Edge browser and found that it performs just as well as Chrome. Basically, that means there are no lags or frozen pages like on Edge, which doesn’t outperform Microsoft’s original web browser, Internet Explorer, by much. While the solid performance reflects that of Google Chrome, Microsoft added its own look in the form of a new user interface. The app corresponds to the screenshots obtained by Neowin earlier this month.

The app will allow you to install extensions from either the Microsoft Store or Google Store. The only difference is that for both methods, you’ll want to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Earlier this month, The Verge was able to try out Microsoft‘s Chromium-based web browser and offered the same details as Neowin, except that some key features were missing, given that the browser was still in beta. Some features are still missing, such as the ability to write on webpages, so Microsoft will have to work on some tiny improvements before the browser can officially go public. However, the leaks coming our way do suggest the official preview is coming soon.

Twitter tipster WalkingCat, who’s known for leaking details about Microsoft’s products, managed to obtain documentation for the Chromium-based web browser earlier this month, although the link was quickly taken down.

It’s important to note that it’s not safe to install this app in its current state, unless you’re 100% sure in your computer skills. Thus, downloading and installing the app will be done at your own risk. Given that it’s coming from a third-party website, it’s important to be extra cautious about executable files and only download from sources you trust 100%.

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