Microsoft Wants Businesses To Invest In Xbox One

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) wants businesses to invest in their upcoming game/entertainment console. Marques Lyons (Microsoft Xbox MVP/Consumer Camp director) explained why companies might consider making an investment on the Xbox One in his Small Business blog. He said, “entirely justifiable…business expense.”

Microsoft Wants Businesses To Invest In Xbox One

Businesses will find Skype integration useful

Lyons added that one of the features that businesses will find most useful is the Skype integration. When combined with multiperson chatting and 1080p video via Kinect, this would be ideal for companies that wanted to hold conferences. Since Xbox One offers support for SkyDrive, the companies can access files that were saved in the company’s cloud-based storage. He also mentioned that Wi-Fi Direct allows for data to be transferred wirelessly to devices. He sees companies using companies using Xbox One to showcase presentations or go through presentations on the television.

He added, “The app story of Xbox One has yet to be written, therefore it is entirely possible to find apps down the road that could be of benefit for you and your business. With the processing power, snap mode and connection to a large screen that the Xbox One has, this device is capable of going from the ‘break room’ to the ‘board room.'”

The Xbox One will launch later on this year for just $499.

XBox One presents a crucial opportunity for Microsoft

For Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), the Xbox One presents a crucial opportunity for the company as they’ve been losing revenue thanks to the increase in mobile phone and tablet sales. The Xbox 360 was a big seller for Microsoft. Now the company has to ensure that their next game console is, if not more successful, than the last. This shouldn’t be too hard for the company but they may need to find a way to ensure the console appeals to many different tech consumers. The competition is tough but it’s important to keep up with changing demands.

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