Martin Luther King Jr. Infograph: Little Known Facts

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We’re proud to offer a special infographic to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebrate the life of a great civil rights leader.

King is known around the world as a leading advocate of nonviolent protest against segregation and racial discrimination.  To honor King’s leadership and sacrifice, citizens across the country views the third Monday in January as a day of service and volunteer at organizations in need.

“We believe in community service throughout the year, but a day like Martin Luther King Day calls all of us to action to keep his dream of justice and equality alive,” said Wendy Kemp, Director of Community Relations at Quicken Loans.  “Imagine if everyone dedicated time to volunteer at a charity, local shelter or cause they believe in, the impact would have a great magnitude with a lasting effect for the whole year.”

While King is one of history’s most revered leaders, there are facts about the civil rights advocate that may not be as well known.  We hope you enjoy this infographic and have a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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