Getting Your Momentum Going Again

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Road bumps are part of the new normal right now. Even if you were in the prime of your business or career, chances are the pandemic has derailed at least part of your momentum. Getting started again can be a challenge, especially during challenging times. But the secret to moving forward is to make moving forward a habit, so that when road bumps do happen it’s easier to get started again. Nothing is harder than getting started, but managing your momentum through challenging times can help keep you on track.

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Think about gas mileage on cars - why is it higher on the highway than in the city? In the city you start and stop, start and stop, and it takes a lot of gas to get started each time. Once you start and get out on the highway, it takes a lot less gas to keep going. It’s the same general idea with your own momentum - once you get started it’s a lot easier to keep going than it is to start and stop, start and stop.

Managing Your Momentum: How To Get Back Up

Slowing down once in a while is totally fine, and in fact that’s really the best thing for your long-term mental health. But setbacks, like losing a job or having to shut your business down to stop the spread of a deadly virus, can really knock you off track. It can be difficult to get your bearings after such an unexpected shock to the system, but it is possible to get your momentum back.

Start by acknowledging what went wrong and taking responsibility for your part in it. This can be especially difficult if you experienced a setback related to the pandemic, but it’s important to assess how you could have been better prepared for something like this to happen. Next, reset your outlook on things and try to reframe the situation. You aren’t rebuilding, you are pivoting to the next phase. Finally, get started with baby steps. Checking even the tiniest thing off your to-do list can help you get your momentum going again.

Even the pandemic doesn’t have to slow you down or stop your business in its tracks. Create goals, make lists, take measurable actions, and start with baby steps in order to regain your momentum. It’s a lot easier to keep going than it is to get going in the first place. Learn more about getting started again and managing your momentum from the infographic below!

managing your momentum

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