New MacBook Pro OLED Touch Panel Concept [IMAGES]

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If you don’t already know, Apple’s WWDC 2016 starts on Monday the 13th of June (Next Week) and everyone who loves, and some of those who dislike everything Apple are turning their attentions towards San Francisco. If you’re a regular reader here on Valuewalk, then you know that we’ve been keeping a close eye on all the rumors and have been keeping our ears close to the ground hoping that Apple will spill some beans. But as of yet all we really have is speculation, that is apart from some news surfacing about this year’s MacBook Pro!

MacBook Pro at WWDC

Normally with Apple event’s, you would expect devices like the iPhone and the iPad to get all the attention. However, this year the WWDC could be giving them a miss, and I mean completely, as it was only yesterday that rumors surfaced about Apple using this years conference to focus on software. And as for software it seems as though one piece of software is going to hog the limelight at the event and that’s Siri. Apparently it’s getting an overhaul and will be ported over to the 2016 line of MacBook Pro’s.

As with all new Apple devices, we’ve been covering rumor after rumor about this years possible new MacBook Pro line-up for sometime. Lots of those rumors have focussed on the Retina display, but that could just be wishful thinking as even though it has been showing its age for a while now and needs updating they have begun to fade of late.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a Retina MacBook Pro, the rumored update to the hardware is one thing that may make you wait a while. This years devices are expected to come with improved batteries and improved speed due to more powerful CPU’s.

MacBook with OLED Touch Panel

One of the more important reasons as to why you should wait before buying a Mac, is that this years new models are expected to have a new capacitive OLED touch panel that could take the place of the Fn row of keys. Yes, those keys are what a user would use to control screen brightness, volume and other things, but it seems as though Apple has decided to remove them completely.

In previous image leaks for the new MacBook Pro, there has always been an empty cutout for the screen. However, one excited 9to5Mac reader has decided to take matters in to his own hands and created a MacBook Pro concept that show what we could get if all of the leaks and rumors are correct.

As you can see in the concept image above, the result is a really good looking MacBook Pro, and yes, there are still concerns with regards to how responsive the display would be. But seriously, Apple is not going to give us something that doesn’t work as it should! Moving on from how it looks, one important factor to consider is that the inclusion of a touch screen rather than buttons means that software would have the ability to change the functionality of the faux-buttons and what is displayed on them.

Personally, I can’t wait for Apple to make its announcements about the new 2016 MacBook Pro, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something like what we’ve seen in the concepts.

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