London 2012 Slalom Canoe: The 3rd Google Doodle You Can Play

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After playing the  hurdles and basketball games on Google, we have yet another Google Doodle live today. The London 2012 slalom canoe is the third playable doodle, on the eve of 2012 London Olympics.

This interactive doodle, lets you paddle a canoe down a water course. You have to drive the canoe through the green striped poles but you have to also make sure that you do this fast. Paddle the canoe faster and score good in this game.

London 2012 Slalom Canoe: The 3rd Google Doodle You Can Play

You need to use the left and right arrow keys to accelerate the speed of the canoe, while also making sure that you don’t slow down and don’t hit any obstacles. Playing this game by mouse is also possible, but its somewhat difficult to handle the canoe as you have to also control the direction and then left click to drive the canoe.

To play the game, you can visit Google, and for your convenience, we have also embedded the game below. Just hit the blue button to start playing the game.

This game definitely brings some exercise to your fingers, as you have press the keys faster. But anyways, like its predecessors, this game is also fun to play.

Try it out and try to paddle faster, because the faster your speed, the better your score.

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