The Life Of An Emerging Manager

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We couldn’t help but read the following tweet thread (think organized tweets) from Andrew Montalenti and think he was talking about an emerging hedge fund manager. He’s the CTO of an SAAS company called, which we hadn’t ever come across before and looks pretty cool in its own right.  But if you multiplied his numbers by 10 and called it AUM instead of revenue, he could just as easily be talking about building out a CTA or hedge fund program.

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It’s truly a chicken or egg scenario. Nobody will allocate to you until you have money, but you can’t get money until someone allocates to you. From there, it’s all about building around the founder with talent and processes with an eye towards scalability. Which is why, no matter if it is hedge funds or software –  these are winner(s) take all environments. The big players in the space have all the money and resources in the world to make sure they stay on top, and there’s a lot of reasons to be scared. But as we’ve talked about in the past, there’s a lot of reasons to take on these goliaths. For example, here are 5 reasons to take on AQR.  And of course, make sure to check out our Futures Ecosystem infographic listing all the big players, and our 108 tools to grow your CTA listing.

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