LG Curved Smartphone Aims For Revolution

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The release of the new LG curved smartphone will be headlining the shape of the new device, but it’s not the only thing new in the coming release. The smartphone will include several pieces of new technology that could change the way companies approach smartphone design in the future. LG is trying its best to think outside the box on this one, and it may have a big effect on the future of mobile devices.

LG Curved Smartphone Aims For Revolution

Samsung unveiled its attempt at a curved smartphone last week. the device, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Round, was curved on the X axis. The LG phone takes the perpendicular tack and comes up with a device that looks more like a traditional wired landline than a modern smartphone. Since the release of the iPhone 4, very few companies have ventured outside of black slab territory, so it’s impressive that LG is finally taking the step.

LG curved smartphone

The novel shape of the smartphone is not the only interesting thing about the latest LG offering. The device will have a 6 inch 1080p display and will contain internals that have not yet been seen in a smartphone.

The device will feature an unbreakable, flexible OLED screen, and an interesting rechargeable battery design. The LG G Flex will come with a Cable Battery that can be tied and twisted into several different shapes and will be water resistant.

Smartphone concept art

The word in the tech world is that the curved design is less an actual attempt to change the shape of smartphones and more of an attempt to draw attention to what LG is doing inside its smartphones. Similar theories were posited after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Round last week. That device will only be available in Korea and will sell for around $1000.

That makes the curved smartphone designs more of a proof of concept. LG can make flexible unbreakable screens and other interesting changes to a smartphone and produce enough of them to bring the phone to market at a reasonable price. LG is drumming up business for itself, and it may also be trying to convince Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) to keep it on as the maker of the Nexus smartphone range.

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