Why You Should Be Learning New Skills Right Now

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Learning new skills keeps our minds fresh. It’s especially important to learn new things right now because we have so much free time on our hands and the diversion can help keep us sane during this challenging time. Whether you choose to learn new life skills or new career skills, you can learn new things easily if you break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

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Chunking is a great tactic to use for a variety of applications. When things seem insurmountable, break them down into smaller parts. When you have to learn a difficult task or lesson, break it down into smaller parts. Start by tackling each part, one at a time. Before long you will be further along than you thought!

73% of Americans consider themselves to be lifelong learners. Learning has real value, even if you aren’t doing it to get a better job or a promotion. When people learn new things, they often also meet new people in the process. They form new friendships based on shared interests. This helps them to feel more involved in their communities, and that interconnectedness can help them not only avoid cognitive decline in their later years, but also help them have a network to leverage when they lose a job, experience a change in work duties, or need tips for learning about new technological advances.

The Advantage Of Learning New Skills

Learning new skills can give us an improved sense of purpose as well as higher self-esteem. Cognitively, learning new things can lead to improvements in our long and short term memory, it can help bolster our emotional intelligence, and it can improve our language skills.

If you feel stuck in a rut, learning something new can help you to have a fresher perspective. 80% of Americans have pursued learning new skills because they felt it would make their lives fuller, and the more you learn the better understanding you will have about the world around you. Getting outside of your comfort zone is often exactly what you need to break out of a rut.

Learning new skills actually changes our brain chemistry. Every time we learn something new it forms a new connection, and as those connections become more frequently used those connections become more permanent. Over time, when you think about one thing it automatically links to the other thing because of that connection you formed.

Learn more about the value of lifelong learning as well as how to learn any skill fast below.

Learning New Skills