Largest Tech Company in Every U.S. State

Largest Tech Company in Every U.S. State

Tech jobs are one of the most growing fields of work in the United States. There are so many tech jobs available that nearly 630,000 unfilled positions annually in the United States. To help illustrate the growth of the tech industry in the United State, Utopia Inc, industry leaders in data strategy, have did some thorough research into a list of the Largest tech company in each state within the United States. Here’s a breakdown of the methodology they used to get the largest tech company in every state and if you think you know already then answer this what is the largest Tech Company in California after Apple?

The companies were chosen using the 2016 Fortune 1000 list, which is based on annual company revenues. They then filtered that data by state.  Smaller companies represented in the data were found using the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies, which is also based on annual revenue.

The companies on the list were then vetted to determine whether or not they fit in the category of “tech” by how they describe themselves and by determining the services, activities and products.  They considered them tech companies if the companies developed new technology in communications, information technology, software, healthcare, aviation or data solutions. They excluded companies that were only focused on the manufacturing of components or materials.  The featured companies in each state have their headquarters or their main base of operations in their respective state.

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There were a wide variety of companies to choose from as nearly almost every aspect of business and commerce is somehow related to technology.  Hence the need to filter the list down a bit.  Some of the results are not very surprising.  Take Apple for example who is the largest tech company in California by annual revenue. Most people would probably assume that the second largest tech company in California would be Google.  The fact of that matter is it is actually Hewlett Packard.

There are many tech giants on the list as well including Amazon, Apple, DuPont, Motorola, General Electric, CenturyLink, Verizon, AT&T and  They also list the runner up in each state in the list which has some notable tech giants on the list including Dell, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Microsoft. There are also some less heralded companies on the list mainly because they are from states with lesser populated areas.  To see their full analysis of the largest tech companies by state, check out the comprehensive infographic below.

biggest-tech-cos_Utopia_062917.png Largest Tech Company in california


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