KONY 2012 Second Part Coming This Week

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KONY 2012 Second Part Coming This Week

Last month, KONY 2012 took the web by storm, most notably Facebook. There was a period of two weeks were I could not stop getting notifications about this KONY 2012 movement. When I looked into it I found out that it is documentary made by the same guys who created “Invisible Children” which I have watched so I was interested to see what they were saying about Joseph Kony.

Obviously, this was an influential piece that really got a reaction. Now, it appears that there will be a “sequel” coming out this week to continue the campaign to bring Joseph Kony, African warlord, to justice.

The makers of the KONY 2012 movement are saying that part two will have a more in depth look at the conflict in Uganda and respond to critics of the film and justify the call to bring Joseph Kony in. The director, Jedidiah Jenkins recently said that the sequel will have more interviews with people who live in the countries where Kony and his LRA are operating and terrorizing.

The KONY 2012 saga has seen its fair share of critics however, who do blame the activists of pushing “slacktivism” which is when you share links instead of acting. In an act to silence critics, the makers of the film announced that they would have a day of volunteering for local communities on April 20th and will brand the name “Cover the Night”.

The issue of Joseph Kony is more and more coming into our daily lives. As the United States and NATO intervene in countries such as Libya and Syria, people are pointing fingers at other troubled areas around the world. At this current time, the United States has a couple hundred Green Berets and other around the world. At this current time, the United States has a couple hundred Green Berets and other special forces in Africa to train opposition forces fighting the LRA as well as recon missions hunting down Kony. It should be only a matter of time before US Special Forces find him and take him out. We have taken out Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and countless other Taliban/al Qaeda executives, Joseph Kony should be another impressive name to tack onto that list. Unfortunately, what these individuals failed to realize is that you can run and hide but the US and NATO will find you and you will be dealt with accordingly.

Bottom line, KONY 2012 Part II comes out this week to rally the public while Special Forces are behind the scenes hunting down the man that has killed thousands of people with his puppet force, the LRA.

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