Kanye West Pitches Idea Of An Apple-Designed ‘iPlane One’ For Trump

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Image Source: Shabtai Hirshberg / Behance.net (screenshot)

Apple is still struggling to design electric cars. But popular musician Kanye West wants the tech giant to design and build an ‘iPlane One’ for President Donald Trump. West was in Washington DC on Thursday to meet with Trump and Jared Kushner. During the meeting, Kanye West pitched the President an iPlane One to replace the Air Force One. Apple hasn’t yet commented on the matter, though.

Why Kanye West wants Trump to fly in the iPlane One?

Before talking about iPlane One, let me tell you that West has a ridiculously weak passcode on his iPhone X or XS. His passcode is ‘000000,’ which is one of the weakest lock codes you can imagine. Setting up weak passcodes such as 000000 or 123456 prompts a warning from Apple that the combination could easily be guessed. For some reason, Kanye West doesn’t seem to use Face ID on his device. Face ID allows you to unlock the iPhone by holding it in front of your face.

After unlocking his iPhone, West showed President Trump a GIF of an iPlane One concept, which he said was a hydrogen-powered replacement for Air Force One. He picked the name ‘iPlane One’ because he wanted Apple – an American company – to design and build it. “This right here is the iPlane One,” West said while showing multiple copies of the concept to the President. “It’s a hydrogen-powered airplane. And this is what our president should be flying in.”

So, why does West want the US President to upgrade his transportation? His reasoning is that the President represents the United States and the airplane he flies in should be befitting of his position. “If he don’t look good, we don’t look good. This is our president. He has to be the freshest, the flyest, the flyest planes, the best factories.”

Air Force One is the air traffic control call sign for the Air Force plane carrying the US President. If – and it’s a big IF – the iPlane One begins transporting the President, it would be called Air Force One. Currently, two Boeing VC-25 planes serve as the Air Force One.

This guy created the iPlane One concept

Wondering who created the iPlane One concept that Kanye West showed to President Trump? According to James Titcomb of The Telegraph, the concept was created back in 2012 by industrial designer Shabtai Hirshberg. Shabtai told CNBC that he had designed it as a graduate student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He posted his design on Behance a few years ago. Hirshberg’s design imagined what a commercial airplane would look like in 2030.

Kanye West or his team added ‘iPlane 1’ and ‘Trump’ at the bottom of the images that West showed to the President. Hirshberg had no idea that the musician was pitching his concept to President Donald Trump. “It all caught me by surprise,” he said. Hirshberg is currently working on a smaller version of the aircraft.

Kanye West was invited to the White House to discuss prison reforms. During his “extended soliloquy” at the Oval Office, West touched upon a wide variety of issues including how he was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He told the President that wearing the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat makes him feel like ‘Superman.’ He also touched upon tax breaks and alternate universes.

After the meeting, President Trump said, “I tell you what, that was pretty impressive, folks. That was quite something.” West has become one of the most vocal supporters of President Trump.

West delivers ‘keynote’ speech at Apple Store

After his meeting with President Trump, West visited the Georgetown Apple Store where he delivered a ‘keynote’ speech to shoppers, reported Jack Jenkins of Religion News Service. He stood on a wooden demo table and told shoppers that he had “made an updated hat that says ‘Make America Great’ without the ‘Again’…and Trump wore it!” West said the “again” part disrespected black Americans.

It’s unclear why he visited the Apple Store, but reports suggest he was there for a Genius Bar appointment. None of the Apple employees had prior knowledge of his ‘keynote’ speech. West concluded his speech by telling shoppers that he was “going to Africa.”

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